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  1. J-rod

    saluda cymbals for trade

    hey there guys, i currently have some saluda cymbals im lookin to trade, the cymbals are: 13" diamond top black mist bottom 20" black mist heavy dry ride these cymbals are in pristine condition, i bought them over the summer, they have been gigged twice but other than that havent left my...
  2. J-rod

    Need new Conga heads

    my congas are in desperate need of new heads, any suggestions anyone?
  3. J-rod

    if only i had 500 dollars.

    i was back home for the weekend so naturally while i was there i had to go to the local music stor, altos. So i make my way over to the used drums section and there was a diamond in the rough sitting there calling out to me. There was an older 5 piece mapex orion birch kit. the hardware and...
  4. J-rod

    check out this deal just begging for some sniping ... 286.c0.m14
  5. J-rod

    first day of ensembles

    i had my first day of ensembles at my school today. in latin jazz band i was assigned head of the percussion section, which is cool cause i get to lead sectionals and get the rest of the percussion section tight, and as of yet ill be switching between snare and timpani in percussion ensemble...
  6. J-rod

    just bought a new snare

    so i just bought an acrolite on ebay for 99 plus 20 shipping, i worked a butt load of overtime last week so i thought id treat myself. ... 0279646776
  7. J-rod

    hope i get it!

    i just bid on an acrolite on ebay, its still got a little over a day left on the auction so hopefully i wont fall victim to another last minute bid sniper which has happened on the last two auctions. only time will tell, ill keep you guys posted.
  8. J-rod

    for all you teachers out there...

    so i was down at my local music store today talking to the guy who owns the place, one thing led to another i played a little bit for him and im about to become their house drum teacher. This will be my first time giving lessons, ive taken them for years but never been on the other side of the...
  9. J-rod

    progressive indie jam band

    hey there, i finally got a copy of a song thats gonna be on my bands upcoming demo, ill post the link below. The song doens treally have a name although weve been calling it mtb as a sort of inside joke, this song was recorded in a different session than the other songs on our demo which is why...
  10. J-rod

    need some info pls.

    what do delivery companies do if your not around to sign for a package? im expecting a package today but it hasnt come yet and i have to leave for work in an hour.
  11. J-rod

    my saludas...

    just got shipped yesterday and are on schedule to be delivered tomorrow, i can't wait. i ordered a 20" black mist heavy dry ride and 13" diamond top black mist bottom hi hats, ill update the thread with pics and my opinion on them once they arrive!
  12. J-rod

    Wanted:: dw 5000 remote hi-hat pedal

    hi guys, lookin to expand my set up with some aux hats so a remote hi-hat pedal is a must, if neone has a dw 5000 one for sale please pm me with what your looking to get for it and ill make an offer.
  13. J-rod


    i just put on a sweatshirt i havent worn in forever and found 60 bucks in my pocket!!!! im stoked, now i can go grocery shopping!
  14. J-rod

    damn neighbors!

    i was playing in my apartment a few minutes ago, i was only playing for about 15 minutes and i wasnt even playing that loud and its 3 in the afternoon, and yet low and behold, a cop comes knocking at my door telling me he got a complaint from someone in the neighborhood so i have to stop playing...
  15. J-rod

    im joining the club!

    ive been a zildjian guy for years now but its time for me to get some new cymbals and since money is tight right now i decided to look into other options. for a while i was just gonna try to find a decent deal on some used equip but i looked into saluda after reading many many rave reviews on...
  16. J-rod

    whats the deal with this acrolite?

    could someone please fill me in on why this acrolite is going for so much $ i know theres some ppl on here who really know their luddies so fill me in please. sry bout no link before, im a little out of it tonight i guess ... =p3907.m29
  17. J-rod

    What exactly to oil my pedals with?

    i just pulled my 5002 dbl pedal out and threw it on my kit for the first time in a while and the slave pedal is not bein very smooth currently, i can hear it sqeaking and i think its time for some lubrication. Im not sure exactly what to use to do this so if anyone could fill me in on what works...
  18. J-rod

    new apartment

    today i moved into my new apartment and played my drums for the first time in 2 weeks, it was so nice to finally sit down and just play for a while.
  19. J-rod

    one wild kit

    i was browsing around ebay and i came across quite the drumset, just thought id share ... dZViewItem
  20. J-rod

    trick rpm snare vs pearl free floater

    so im on the market for a new snare drum in the 350-500$ range. I found a 13x7 trick rpm snare for sale on indoor storm ... -1704.html and the sound is just amazing but the price is on the higher end or my spectrum. however recently i heard a drummer...