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  1. Daza73

    longest time without playing

    wots the longest anyones gone with out drumming for i havnt played for bout 3 months now only coz my kits in storage :'(
  2. Daza73

    duke nukem 3D

    was anyone hear a big fan of duke nukem 3d wen it was around haha i remember wen i was 6 and i played it man that was the best game on the planet (and still is) i just found the cd with it on it... brings back so many memories haha
  3. Daza73


    ive been playing pro mark 5A's a fair bit lately but they seem to break fairly often i just bought a pair of zildjian 5A dipsticks to c if they last any longer... anyone know of some sweet sticks that dnt break too often?
  4. Daza73

    death metal playing

    ive been playing a bit of the black dahlia murder stuff but half way through the songs im stuffed and my arms dnt wanna move anymore haha especially in their song miasma awsome song but just before the break in the song about half way through it my arms and legs dnt wanna go lol any advice on...
  5. Daza73

    check this kid out!!!

    check this kid out his insane for a 7 yr old
  6. Daza73


    wot can u do wen your polishing cymbals to keep the labels on them??? and is there some sort of paint and stencil u can buy to put the labels back on the cymbals?
  7. Daza73

    good second snare

    wots a good effect snare to have as like an alternative/second on the side nxt to my hi hats??? i was thinkin mayb the pearl firecracker 10'x5' or the PDP 805 series any ideas on some good snares?
  8. Daza73

    what sticks do you use?

    wot sticks does everyone here use??? i like the pro mark 7A's or 5A's and vic firth 7's and 5's i like the 7's more cuz it helps me with speed for fills etc being a lighter stick... oh and has anyone ever tried sex wax for drum sticks??? i saw them on ebay its a wax made by sex wax surf board...
  9. Daza73


    just wandering wots a good set of zildjian hi hats that are light ive got a set of planet z (shame) but i like the feel of them because they are light but wen i play on my churches kit they have a set of K's and i cant stand them coz they feel really heavy and sloppy
  10. Daza73


    on ebay i just saw a pdp floor tom MXR series 14x12 for $81. ive got a pdp fs series with a 14x12 floor tom already but is this MXR series floor tom a good buy for an add on tom for my kit to have as a deeper sounding floor tom??? it's the same colour and all haha :wink:
  11. Daza73

    zxt titaniums

    what does everyone think of the zildjian zxt titaniums? are they anygood? they look pretty phat
  12. Daza73

    pearl eliminator or dw9000

    im gonna buy a new double kicker but not sure which 1 wots some pros and cons about these 2 pedals? 1 of my mates said get the DW9000 because the eliminator is heavier which is harder for speed than the DW, and than another guy said basically the same thing that the DW has a better role at the...
  13. Daza73

    endurance and speed

    wots a good exercise to do to build endurance and speed on the double kicker? and can a better grade double kick help more than a cheapo 1?
  14. Daza73

    playing double kick

    ive been playing double kicker for a while now but for some reason it takes me a while to warm up with my legs, feet etc and being in a band its anoying because wen i jump on stage to play i know im not going as solid and fast as i know i can is there anyway of being able to jump up without...
  15. Daza73

    evans bass drum skin

    are the evans bass drum skins with the muffle ring around them worth getting???
  16. Daza73

    taped skins

    wots the go with putting tape on your skins??? ive seen drummers do it but never really understood y... what does it do?
  17. Daza73

    cymbals for hardcore/metal playing???

    what's a good set of cymbals for hardcore/metal playing
  18. Daza73

    wot kit you play?

    wot kit do you all play? ive got a pdp fs serious had it for about 2 yrs and thinking about selling it and upgrading to a better kit or would i be better off adding on to it????
  19. Daza73

    career in music

    i just got offered a full time job at my local music store teaching drums and just helping out through the store but... the manager said they are looking for someone who will b commited and b thinkin of staying there for a while and i was lookin at a career as a carpenter so i was just wandering...
  20. Daza73

    double kick peddle

    i have a dixon 711DB double kicker and it's not top of the line and it doesnt let me go as fast as i can go... i asked some of my mates who are also drummers on what they think 1 said go for the pearl eliminator and the other said go for the dw9000 but they dnt really use a double kick peddle...