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  1. Gaddabout

    Acoustic to e-kit conversion

    Anyone ever done this? I thinking about buying el cheapo drum set and converting it to an e-kit, running it through a TD-20. Why? I dunno. I like to try stuff like this. Curious if anyone has sage advice for me. I think it'd be kind of cool to show up with a First Act kit (or something like...
  2. Gaddabout

    Elvin!!! This stuff makes me cry it's so beautiful. The Coltrain Quartet was the height of music as art. Elvin's so underappreciated in the drumming world.
  3. Gaddabout

    4-Way Independence - the forgotten book

    About 14 mos. ago I started using a different method to get kids from playing rudiments on a practice pad to drum set skills. My idea, based on the needs of parents who couldn't afford an actual drum set, was to add a bass drum practice pad and a double pedal to the snare practice pad the kids...
  4. Gaddabout

    Bozzio quits Korn

    That was fast ... ... er_drummer
  5. Gaddabout

    Vinnie Colaiuta w/Karizma If you haven't picked up Karizma's Document yet, you're missing out on what became an instant drumming classic the moment it was released. The above link takes you to some live footage of the band a couple of years before they recorded it ... but you...
  6. Gaddabout

    Illegal music downloads

    I'm rescuing this topic from an entirely different thread because I think it deserves its own. I wanted to address some comments: Isn't funny how you would never say, "Everyone shoplifts the occasional bag of potato chips, and I see no problem with that"? But somehow, maybe because the...
  7. Gaddabout

    Discovered drummer alert ... =107062797 Mike Terrana from Hamburg, Germany. Maybe some of you have heard of him before. He's new to me and as much as a lot of double bass turns me off and I'm not digging his tom sound, I have to admit he's really, really, really good at what he...
  8. Gaddabout

    The blushda lick

    Don't know how many people have been exposed to Tony Williams, Vinnie Colaiuta, et al, but there's a cool lick those cats do that is loosely referred to as the "blusdha." It's a really, really cool lick that the first 1,000 times I heard it, I could not figure out how to do it. It's kind of a...
  9. Gaddabout

    What's the average age group here?

    Just curious who we're spending our time with here.
  10. Gaddabout

    Vinnie w/Herbie Hancock concert footage

    Bernhard at Drummerworld was kind enough to put up three clean clips of a live Swiss (?) television broadcast of Herbie Hancock's European tour. It's sort of featuring Vinnie Colaiuta, because every clip I've seen has Vinnie in semi-shred mode. It's not Vinnie in total nuclear war mode, but it's...
  11. Gaddabout

    A good article on Stick Control

    For those of you who have worked through or are currently working through George Stone's Stick Control, here's a good article on how to expand it and make the book more ... elastic. The applications are endless.
  12. Gaddabout

    Great video footage of crazy French drummers JB Perraudin, Damien Schmitt and Yohan Schmitt. If you like Vinnie, Weckl, et al, this kind of shredding will be right up your alley. They lay down a groove for the first 40 seconds, then they start into trading eights.