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    PRODUCT NEWS “HAZ-MAT” DRUM RUG Baskey have launched a new, eye-catching drum mat to their range, the “Haz-Mat” complete with hazard edging and roll tie along with a luminous “glow in the dark” webbing inlay. The mat is made in the UK from the same durable, long lasting low pile, gel-backed...
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    PRODUCT NEWS CYMBAL CASE DIVIDERS Baskey have introduced cymbal dividers to their range of accessories, they are UK made from durable, 10mm high impact black foam, 22" diameter with a 10mm centre hole for use in hard and soft cases to offer tough, extra protection. Available in packs of 2. A...
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    Some recent projects....

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    Baskey’s Mattmarkers are now available in colours other than black now! Yellow, red, blue, orange and green are the new colours plus the SRP has now been reduced to just £17.99.
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    Thomas Lang UK tour diary

    Sorry I haven't been around, lots of stuff going on, some pix from the Thomas Lang UK tour I was drum tech on here: ... =slideshow Hope it works OK. :wink:
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    Young Drummer of the Year 2009 - a tech's eye view

    I teched the kits for this year's show, there'll probably be some pro shots at Mike Dolbear's site soon, but you can see some backstage stuff here:
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    idrums Clinic 16th October

    Here's a quick video of a drum clinic I helped organise, apart from having some great drummers playing, it's quite funny!!
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    Billy Cobham/me! A short clip of a blistering solo by Mr C at the WOMAD masterclass and at 1m 20s me caught unaware and completely not ready to join in!! :oops:
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    Anyone in the UK going to WOMAD this weekend?

    If you are, call into the 'Big Red Tent' on Saturday about lunchtime, I'm playing with Billy Cobham in his masterclass! No, I'm not at all nervous............. :? :shock:
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    New snare!!

    Just had to share, I had this little babe sent to me yesterday The photo doesn't really do it justice, namely 'cos you can't hear it!! But it looks and sounds superb! Highwood 14x 6 hand hammered steel shell, bright and full with tons of crack, I am loving it!!
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    It's about 10 after 2008 here in the UK, I know the Aussies and Kiwis are way ahead (about 12 hrs!!), but with no gig, I'm having a night off with a few drinks. For all of you stateside, have a drink on me in about 6 hours!!! Have a good one.
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    A track for you..... This is from a session I did with this band a while back, the album is being mixed for release in 2008. The Track 'Ghost of Cortarchy' is one I played on.
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    Clive Aid (UK) anyone going?

    Big drum show this weekend organised by Clive Aid (set up originally to raise funds for Clive Burr, Iron Maiden's first drummer who now has MS), as well as helping Clive, CA raises much needed monies for MS and Teenage Cancer. The show starts at 10am some when of the best Drummers in the UK...
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    Drumcrew Show - Nuneaton Tues 6th February 2007

    Get yer diaries out ladeezungennulmen! Kev and the irrepressable Drumcrew have been hard at work organising the next show which will take place on Tuesday 6th February 2007. 7pm: doors £5.00 entry Show starts at 7.20pm with a 'TBA' drummist, followed some bloke who hopefully will have a grip...
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    Drumcrew Show - Nuneaton Weds 6th December

    G'day o' gathered drummists. For your consideration; details a-plenty for the Drumcrew show, next Wednesday, 6th December. 7pm: doors £5.00 entry Show starts at 7.30pm with Jordan Terris, followed some no hope chancer called Mike Ellis, then onto the cool rhythmic expositions of The Young...
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    [mikeellis] - Some new snares from DM Towers

    A few snares I got finished today for your delectation....
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    DM Custom Drums are pleased to welcome John Clark from the laid back ambient/pop/jazz band Saville, as their first product endorser. Saville, who perform a groundbreaking innovative mix of old jazz, technology, laid back musicianship and classic song writing are currently signed to Funky...
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    A pic from the last gig

    Played a Fetish Ball in London last week, a pic from the gig. Lemme know if anyone wants to see any more.
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    [mikeellis] - My new BD reso head

    Just finished the design for the reso head to be used on my kit for the upcoming AOD tours.
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    [mikeellis] The result of today's toils

    13x9, 16x16, 22x16, usual DM spec shells, nat wax finish.