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  1. The19thHole

    Which set

    Which set should i put at friends house (which is going to be our permanent practice place from now on). Should i put my beater kit there or my good kit? We may do recordings and such at his house.
  2. The19thHole


    Okay, so for the past year or so ive used one mic plugged into my amp while the mic is over my drums. So i was wondering is it worth the money to buy a board, drum mics, and a bigger amp :?: Sam
  3. The19thHole

    Favorite Bands

    Whats your top 3 favorite bands? 1. The Format 2. Saosin 3. Cartel
  4. The19thHole

    Fix-er Ups?

    Anyone know where i could get my hands on a like 1940-70's kit. I'm really looking for a camco but is there a site or something anyone knows of... or even a store? Thanks Sam
  5. The19thHole

    [The19thHole] - Yamaha

    Im not exactly big on alot of toms im kind of a simple guy i guess anywho... My Yamaha Ps... Toliet, and Gorge Forman grill in the background This is my beater kit i just like beating the piss out of it when im bored and i cant exacly part it. Ill start the bidding at $10,000,000 and thats...
  6. The19thHole

    Double Bass Pedals

    I'm looking to buy a new double bass pedal. i have some junky pearls ones that i got with my old kit. Is anyone selling some DW 4000's, or have an opinion on some pedals i can get under 250?
  7. The19thHole

    Holy Grail Of Rides?

    Obviously drumming is all personal prefrence, however, what is your favorite ride? Im gonna go with the K session custom