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  1. Medicman71

    Looking for a new snare drum.

    I have a PDP snare that sounds good but I've heard bad things about them. With so many snares out there, it's hard to know what to get. I play alot of progressive music and wanted to find a good snare that will last for a long time. Any suggestions?
  2. Medicman71

    My pdp set

    Here's pics of my new PDP set. 22"x 18" Bass drum Toms 10" x 8" 12" x 9" 14" x 12" Floor tom 14" x 5" snare Sabian B8Pro Cymbals 14" Med Hi-Hats 16" Med Crash 20" Ride PDP Cymbal stands Mapex Hi-Hat Stand DW 5000 Bass Pedal LP Cowbells x3 ProMark 747 Sticks I'll be adding a 8" x 7"...