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  1. drummert2k

    How to score an endorsement deal...

    i picked up the newest modern drummer today and this was one of the big atricles in it. i've noticed this topic came up a bit on this board so i figured this would help out anyone looking to into this kind of thing. check it out. you may even be able to find the atricle on their site. also in...
  2. drummert2k

    FOR SALE!-Cymbal display wall rack (as seen in music stores)

    In the past I aquired a cymbal display wall rack like the ones you see in stores. It is 46 high with 24 inch long legs at the bottom and hold 16 cymblas on individual little arm things that stick out from the main frame. its hard to explain but if you've been in any music stores where they have...
  3. drummert2k

    ON EBAY!!!-Pearl Masters Custom-Emerald Fade w/Gold Hardware

    Im selling it on ebay. super low starting price for this kit! *I put it up there though a music store. any questions asked through ebay will go to the store...
  4. drummert2k

    Just listed on ebay- 6" Pearl Super Hoop w/ Ebony Head

    check it out here.....
  5. drummert2k

    looking for advice on which reso head to use.

    heres the reso heads i got. they all sound really good. we're going on looks here. take into consideration my kit is AMBER finish. i suck at making decisions.
  6. drummert2k

    Neil Peart Fans.....

    i was searching though videos and found this. i thought it was pretty neat. not used to seeing him not completely surrounded by his kit.
  7. drummert2k

    FOR SALE!!! 20 inch Zildjian Ping Ride

    20 inch Zildjian Ping Ride. in good condition. no cracks or anything. this was used as the cymbal on my practice kit so it hasnt been out on the road getting over used or anything. PM me to talk oer a price.
  8. drummert2k

    SELLING- Mapex Deep Forest Piccolo snare.

    hey everyone. i am selling my super sweet mapex deep forest cherry piccolo snare. its 13 x 3 1/2 in a waxed finish cherry snare with all gold color hardware. drum and hardware in great shape. this drum has spent most of its life in its case. no scratches, dings, dents, scrapes, anything. the...
  9. drummert2k

    looking for a "hang drum"

    yes, im looking for a hang drum and cant find one anywhere. anyone out there have one they might be interested in sellin?
  10. drummert2k

    Great snare exercise for diddles and paradiddles

    This improved my diddle quality and control in less than a week. make sure you stay controlled though and really nail those accents and i recommend using a metronome for this. the click actually really lays into the grooves of the accents nicely! just wanted to share so hopefully it can help...
  11. drummert2k

    selling- 14 inch pearl export snare drum amber finish

    seeing a 5 1/2 (i believe) by 14 pearl export snare drum in an amber finish. messages me and we'll talk prices.
  12. drummert2k

    Anyone else find this really awesome?

    look at this. hi hats, crash, ride, kick, snare and floor tom..... thats it. and this dude is rippin!
  13. drummert2k

    8th note accent/tap exercise

    I just got done with this and thought i'd share. a little snare drum accent/tap exercises to help with control. It goes right along with the intro part of Van Halen's "Finish What Ya Started" hence the name of it. keep the taps low and full strokes for the accents. hope someone enjoyes this!
  14. drummert2k

    So i picked up a Ludwig Accent CS Custom today....

    An it actually sounds really good. i wasnt really expecting that. i only bought it because the cost was next to nothing and im a fan of the amber natural finish. for being a higher end entree level kit it really thumps (after re-heading it of course). just thought i'd pass the word on.
  15. drummert2k

    Rudiments you made up (or at least think you did)

    time to learn some new rudiments. as most of your should know, the number of hybrid rudiments out there is practically unlimited. lets see the ones you came up with. share the one you made and learn the ones someone else made. this should be fun and interesting. here's some i wrote out. not sure...
  16. drummert2k

    Wipeout Combinations

    This is a nifty little exercise i just wrote out tonight i wanted to share with everyone. im sure everyone out there already knows wipeout. ( i know, everyone in the world already knows this drum part) this is just an easy kinda cheesey exercise that is just differant paradiddle combinations to...
  17. drummert2k

    anyone know where i could find......

    snare sheet music for Santa Clara Vanguard "Electric Wheelchair" exercise?
  18. drummert2k

    2 awesome drums kits for sale ( maryland and Pearl Masters

    Im selling the drums and cases ONLY. no cymbals or stands or anything. get at me if you might be interested or to see more pics! First one is a Custom Mayland kit and the second is a Pearl MMX masters Custom W/ Gold Hardware.
  19. drummert2k

    Anyone wanna buy a set of conga's???

    2 full size congas with stand. i've had them forever and dont use them so hopefully i can find these guys a good home!. message me if interested.
  20. drummert2k

    Custom Snare I Built!

    One of my custom drums i built. I thought it was cool. and bonus...... It glows in the dark just like a real Ouija Board