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  1. EOTE_drummer

    My kit

    okay so it has been a while since i have posted my kit, because i took alot of crap about it last time. these pics are about a month old, cuz my computer messed up last time i tried to put em on here. Specs Pearl MMX (Masters Custom - Maple) Midnight Fade, Black Hardware 22 x 18 - Aquarian...
  2. EOTE_drummer

    Ever have an "off night"?

    well i had one tonight. the gig started at 11 at night, and it was an outside gig. their was a street lamp type thing about 20 ft away from us, but it was still DARK.. it started off by me losing one of the tiny tension rods for my double pedal, it was the one where that holds on the beater...
  3. EOTE_drummer

    Tama Starclassic on Ebay

    i came across this GORGEOUS looking starclassic on ebay today if anybody is interested. looks like a good deal to me. ... dZViewItem
  4. EOTE_drummer

    In Ear Monitors.

    hey what kind of in ear monitors could you guys recommend? i have never had or used these, so i don't really know how they work. do they plug into the mixer board? and i was wanting them so i could play along to music with, but wouldn't the sound of my drums drown out the rest? i was planning...
  5. EOTE_drummer


    anyone seen Iron Man yet? i watched it the day it came out, and it pretty much rawked! 8)
  6. EOTE_drummer

    My Studio Set-up.

    So we are recording and I thought i would post how my kit looks now.... <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0"...
  7. EOTE_drummer

    New Double Pedal

    okay so i've decided that i am tired of the sluggish response of my dw7000. i do more single work than double, but when your MAIN is slow too, something isn't right. iv'e decided to go with Axis, as how i have played them and they were very smooth and fast. i also like the fact that they have...
  8. EOTE_drummer


    so im headed to my junior prom, and its probably gonna suck..... :roll:
  9. EOTE_drummer

    Saluda 16" Mist X Crash

    Okay their is absolutely nothing wrong with this cymbal, no cracks, keyholing, barely any finger prints. it has seen light use, just practice's and a few gigs. The reason for me getting rid of this is i have 5 16" crashes and this one just doesn't see any action. it is very bright and sounds...
  10. EOTE_drummer

    Pearl Masters!!

    Okay, i couldn't get the best pics in the world because i didn't have a whole lot of room to work with. It was also somewhat dark in there and hard to capture the true finish with a photo. ENJOY!!!! <a...
  11. EOTE_drummer

    a VERY awesome night!!

    so guys my PEARL MASTERS KIT came in today!!! i just got the rack and everything adjusted to my specifics five minutes before practice started. i got to jam on my new kit, and we finished recording a track and im still mastering it now. cant wait to here em recorded. very productive jam...
  12. EOTE_drummer

    My PDP MX Series

    Okay, so it has been long enough now, and its about time I show you guys my kit. so i finally have some pics! although they are about a month old and ive done some changing around since then. <a href=""...
  13. EOTE_drummer

    Traps kit?

    i thought it was just a solution to a practice pad, which was supposed to be quiet and not make noise. after looking into it, its an actual set?!?!? i was blown away! i was hearing good things about them, and people said they made it their main gigging kit, on guy said he sold his starclassic...
  14. EOTE_drummer

    new kit....

    can't pick between a tama starclassic performer or a bubinga birch starclassic performer.... probably the 2nd.
  15. EOTE_drummer

    need some help. what should i use?

    i have a new bass drum hoop, i have ruined my last one from have the pedal to tight. what can i put on my new hoop to protect it from scratching the paint off and things like that?
  16. EOTE_drummer

    Gibraltar Catapult Pedals?

    i was never very fond of gibraltar pedals, but has anyone had any experience with the new gibraltar catapult pedals? they look wierd, but it actually looks very effective. do they even make a double pedal version? <a...
  17. EOTE_drummer

    christmas and b-day combined!

    so i've been stuck up in the city for a week and a half now... no drumset... but i'm back with some new goodies!!! Vinnie Paul Signature Snare - 8 x 14 !!!SALUDA'S!!! YAY! 14" Mist X hats 16" Mist X Crash 18" Diamond Crash Ride 20" Mist X Crash Ride and new skins... - Evans EC2 coated...
  18. EOTE_drummer


    what happened to him? i haven't seen him on here for many many months. he always had a good input on things.
  19. EOTE_drummer

    so today i picked up a *drum-roll*

    ................................. Vinnie Paul Signature Snare! and i love it!!! first pearl product iv'e ever been satisfied with...
  20. EOTE_drummer

    My Next Kit

    i am in three bands, playing drums in two. i need an extra practice kit, but i am also going to be gigging some. we have 2 different practice places, with my PDP MX set up in one, and my Tama Rockstar in the other. But for shows i take my MX and im tired of setting it up and taking it down...