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  1. Mike_Drums

    Great deal on Pasite Sig Full Crash 18"

    for anyone looking for this cymbal, only 189$ used, great deal i think ... 2c51dfd224
  2. Mike_Drums

    Promark Pocket Practice Pad

    for anyone considering purchasing this small pad make sure you absolutely want it first. i bought one about a month ago thinking one its small i can take it anywhere plus being so small itll help with aim and precision. true it does, but also being so small it just loves to bounce around while...
  3. Mike_Drums

    Anyone here a fan of Bathory?

    been a fan of bathorys music for a while now and surprisingly i have yet to meet anyone else who is a fan
  4. Mike_Drums

    Im back!

    hi everyone, i am finally back, and i can call myself a united states sailor.
  5. Mike_Drums

    Im leaving soon

    hi everyone, im relatively new here and probably not well known amongst some of the more senior members. but ive learned a great deal about drums here and ive also met some very nice characters. but in 9 days i leave for the US Navy. as each person on these forums plays drums, hopefully you can...
  6. Mike_Drums

    RUDE cymbals

    i love everything about stuart copelands drumming and i love the way his equipment sounds. and i know on most of his older recordings, which im referring to, he uses RUDEs. i have heard them and they sound terrible. im not sure how this is possible. and the only thing i can think of is how hard...
  7. Mike_Drums

    "specialty cymbals?"

    this is in response to a post in "using a ride cymbal as a crash" i have seen drummers use splashes, chinas, percussion, and other various cymbals as specialty cymbals, and thus dont use them that often. i dont use any of my cymbals any more or less than any other cymbals. i was curious as to...
  8. Mike_Drums

    Brand New Setup

    recently i decided to take everything off my kit except my bass snare and hi hats. i ended up adding a cowbell between the hats and snare, it isnt in the way and its easy to hit i think its in the perfect place for me, i also put my ride up but in a way to where i can get down and dirty with...
  9. Mike_Drums

    Mapex Saturn Birch

    i was looking at getting a new mapex a while back and the sature was something i was considering but this sounds really good, i love birch, so im wondering if anyone has heard anything about them?
  10. Mike_Drums

    hybrid snares?

    something ive been seeing a lot of lately is a wood snare drum with a section of acrylic sandwiched in between, im guessing this is a hybid snare. how do they bond the wood and acrylic? how do they sound? are they durable or fragile?
  11. Mike_Drums

    Zildjian and their manufacturing techniques

    firstly, a not so well known fact, zildjian does not make their k, k custom lines by hand as i though they were. they are made by machine even through the hammering process. i read on the zildjian site that all the lines and the k line are hammered using symmetrical hammer patterens to produce...
  12. Mike_Drums

    George Kollias

    anyone else like the guy?
  13. Mike_Drums

    Ghetto Sizzle

    For anyone like me who is uneasy about drilling holes through your ride to get rivets this seems to work well, just take mardi gras beads cut them down and wrap them around and let them hang down :D
  14. Mike_Drums

    Cymbal Stands Straight or Boom?

    if anyone has any cymbals stands they need taken off their hands i am in need of a few
  15. Mike_Drums

    Acid Custom Drums

    anyone have any idea if theyre good?
  16. Mike_Drums

    Mapex Phosphor Bronze

    ive been thinking about getting one, but first id like some opinions, how do they sound? worth the price? and i know its black panther so id expect some good quality right?
  17. Mike_Drums

    K Constantinople

    does anyone have any idea how long they have been out?
  18. Mike_Drums

    Cymbal Collections

    Im young, so the income isnt suffecient for a very nice collection but anyone else have a nice collection? All bosphorus antique except the zild platinum 10" (ferit) splash, 16" crash, 20" ride, 16" china (only one to exist) <- srsly, 12" hi hat bottom, 16" zil platinum", 12" hi hat top
  19. Mike_Drums

    V bells

    very odd looking but id like to know how they sound?