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  1. NWCrusher


    I believe I've posted pics before, but I just was given this photo, so I figured I'd throw it out. The first shot is dark, but does show the configuration. This set is a bit excessive for clubs, but helps eccentuate my visual side, and provides a few extra voices without total overkill. Two...
  2. NWCrusher

    New photos!

    These are shots from 9/22 at my tribute bands final show. The american flag made a cool backdrop 8) I wrapped the drums with chrome mylar wrap (very, very thin) but the drums are maple (except snare).
  3. NWCrusher

    Kick drum tuning?

    For years, I've basically tuned my kick by leaving the batter head somewhat floppy, and my front head tight. I recently found an old torque wrench tuner, and tried even tensioning my two kick heads. Of course theres more response, and tonality, but it kind of lost the thud. Have any of you...
  4. NWCrusher


    I have a decent size collection of a set that I continually alter the arrangement of. 2, 18 by 22's 12,13,16,18 toms 6,8,10 roto toms 3 snares (rotate usuage) This shot shows one of the larger size setups, I personally prefer a double pedal, so instead of using two seperate pedals, or just...