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    HELP! Acrylic Head advice

    i have an Acrylic custom kit. and i love the sound BUT i need a hand picking heads that will give me the sound im lookin for. i want a head with lots of warms and low end rez. not much atack and no "growling" in the bigger toms like i usualy find. any help would mean ALOT to me. i have very...
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    EVERY ONE PLEASE WATCH THEM ALL AND COMMENT! "Over The ... shers_071/ ... shers_070/ ... ch_22_064/ ... shers_065/
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    [Chirs-Ska-Drummer] - Custom Drums

    lots of large pics..sorry lol i have a DeFoe Custom transparent balc acrylic kit with brass rims and brass 50% offset tub lugs. bass drums: 22" X22 22" X8 22" X32 20" X20 16" X14 Toms: 12" X7 14" X14 16" X14 my other kit is a home made kit from Yamaha/ayotte shells. its a white matted...