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    Odd pet request

    my other half wants a skunk. without the pouch of course? Thoughts??
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    Going to see Steve Smith tomorrow night!

    His jazz band's at Devereux tonight for $20. He's doing a clinic at Hotel Utica tomorrow for $25. I'm thinking about just doing the clinic. What do you guys think? This will be a great chance for me to meet someone who's influenced my playing in such ways that he has. Wish me luck with...
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    Laying off the kit

    I'm moving out today and I can't bring it with me. So, I figure sticks, a pad, and a folder with exercises in it. I may not be around much, as my friend doesn't have internet at his place. So, until I'm on again, PEACE! -Brad
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    I just got the shock of my life

    One of my best friends, last night told my fiance that he wanted to spend the rest of their lives together. Now, I was unaware of this til this morning when i called her. She told me to not worry about him, that I was the only one who mattered to her. I believe her, but I'm scared. Her last...
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    Zen, this is in your area...

    13" head sighed by terry bozzio. I want it, but I'm stretched thin for cash Lucky...I wish I still lived in 'chester... but then again, I'm moving soon, anyway...
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    Completely Ot

    i recently got a cell phone, and i have a usb cable for it. there are pictures i would like to get from my computer to the phone. Any help guys? nothing on it in the user's guide...
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    You guys are good at ID'ing kits...

    Here's one for ya: Any ideas?
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    Ive got an old tama rockstar steel snare...

    Not sure where to put this. But, the snare wires aren't coming into contact w/ the reso head and I've pulled them as tight as I can. No good. I think the stock throw off may be the problem. Any models compatible with the rockstar snare, or any suggestions you guys could give me would be...
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    Looking at putting new heads on the Pulse

    I am looking for a sound that can pull off AC/DC, Queensryche, Staind, Breaking Benjamin, and the Foo Fighters. I'm thinking of either Evans Hydraulic glass or G2 Coated. It's a 7 pc- 2x14" snares (only touching one), 10", 12", and 13" rack toms, with a 16" floor tom. Any feedback would be...
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    Drums and Radon

    Does radon impact drum at all? The "safe" limit for radon concentration in NY is 4 ppm. In my basement where my set is, the level is off the charts- 38ppm. Any suggestions?
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    I feel as if I got ripped off

    I recieved a 6 pc Pulse Pro Lacquer set in natural finish, but it was missing another tom arm. So, on Saturday, I went downtown to the only music shop in Oneida and they had exactly what I needed for once. There was only one in stock. ... 34-inches/...
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    Are either of these good deals?

    I live in NY close to Syracuse. Help? Thanks.
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    ever heard of em? music123 has them for 400 for a maple/birch set. thoughts?
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    4 pc

    can you switch the tom from the left (looking from the throne) to the right? That's my main question on whether to get a 4 pc or 5.
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    I'm looking at a new cymbal set with sabians. right now i'm considering: 13" aa regular hats 16" xs20 med-thin crash 18" xs20 med-thin crash 18" xs20 crash/ride 20" xs20 rock ride 14" B8 pro china 10" aa splash my budget is around $800 and i nee hats, 2 crashes, ride, china, splash at a...
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    not with it today...

    I'm looking at a tama superstar kit. The bass is 22x18. I'm looking at an evans emad for it. I forgot which number to go by: 22" or 18"? Thanks for the help
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    toss up or The sonor is more expensive but includes stands. The rmv doesnt. Any opinions? $'s not too big of a deal. Trying to keep shells+hardware under 1500-ish.
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    swingerline deluxe

    my friend has that on his set. He doesn't know if that's the make or model. All we know is that it's from the 80's. Any help out there? Thanks.
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    Set for my band

    Is all of this worth the $? I will not stray from this company because my band is getting new stuff through them and I wanted to make it easier on them. FYI, I play heavy rock like Staind and Breaking Benjamin. I'm limiting myself to about $2500 and need a set, hats, 2 crashes, a china, splash...
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    Tool is talked about all the time...

    But here I go... Both Staind and Breaking Benjamin covered "Sober". Staind, acoustic and original. Breaking Benjamin, the latter. Who did a better job? Staind: Breaking Benjamin: I love Staind, but I...