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  1. SilverZPenguin22

    Anyone into gaming?

    I am always looking for more PC based gamers to play with online. A lot of my friends went to different colleges or not at all, and we just parted ways. Most of them played on consoles anyways. I play games through Steam for the most part. I recently got that new Cuphead game and it has opened...
  2. SilverZPenguin22

    Steve Stockmal Saw this video and it stuck out to me. I really want to learn how to do this! His skill level is amazing. I don't know much on him outside from him being a teacher.
  3. SilverZPenguin22

    Why are vintage drums so much more expensive?

    I was looking at some vintage ones as well as vintage style ones and they are double, if not triple the amount of standard ones. Is there a major difference in how they are made and what kind of music they can produce? I am just confused as to why the price range is so different here.
  4. SilverZPenguin22

    What exactly are Snares made of?

    This may sound like a stupid question but I am genuinely curious. I mean I know metal and/or plastic is involved, but what goes into their making? I feel like this can be a very simple answer but I am looking for the details into what makes a snare drum a snare drum.
  5. SilverZPenguin22

    Gammon Percussion Set - Good for beginners?

    I am trying to find a set for under $300 and someone recommended the full size/adult Gammon Percussion set. Walmart and Amazon have it for $250 right now. So is this a good set for a beginner or is there a better option for under $300?
  6. SilverZPenguin22

    Are online lessons worth it?

    I am considering taking online lessons when I get a drum set. I read that some can be helpful, some are free, but others can be expensive and not very helpful. I heard of people being taught on Youtube, through Skype, and so on. Are online lessons worth it or is it best to get lessons in person?
  7. SilverZPenguin22

    What mic is best to use for recording video?

    I see a lot of drummers on Youtube and I am curious what kinds of mics they actually use to record with. Most of the videos have very good quality. I have a mic now but it is mainly used for gaming and Skype calls so I don't think it would be good enough to use to record if I choose to do so...
  8. SilverZPenguin22

    Where do I begin?

    Like I mentioned in my intro thread, I am brand new to drumming. I only have experience messing around on my cousin's set. Since he don't live in the same state, it is hard to actually learn from him. He made recommendations awhile back but I can't remember. So for someone who knows nothing...
  9. SilverZPenguin22

    New to the forum and to drums!

    I am new here. I thought joining a place dedicated to drums would help me out a bit. I am 22 and looking to start drumming. I have no experience with drums outside of messing around on my cousin's set. The reason I want to start playing is to pick up a new hobby and relax. My doc told me it will...