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  1. randomdrum

    Random Hand Update! :)

    Camp blog mode: Evening, DML We've been having a right old time of it here on our time off, but this is merely the proverbial calm before the storm, as we gear up for 2009 Part II! Top of the pile, thanks lots to everyone who has bought our new album "Inhale/Exhale" - we hope you're enjoying...
  2. randomdrum

    Have you been cheese nachos? Hahaha, amazing :D
  3. randomdrum

    New song online!

    Hey hey If anyone was curious how our new album (and the mad mashed up drum kit!) ended up sounding, there's a new track online now! It's called 'For Roni' and we're very pleased with it :) Let me know what you think!! :) Joe
  4. randomdrum

    The Mashup Madness Recording Monster

    Yo yo! This here is the mash-up kit I've been using to record our new album. (It's not really a monster, not size-wise anyway! I was just enjoying the alliteration :D) 22x18 Yamaha Oak Custom Bass Drum 10, 12, 16 DW Collectors Toms Sonor Designer 14 x 8 Snare Zildjian A Custom 14"...
  5. randomdrum

    Going On Tour With Reel Big Fish!!

    Just been announced at long last that my band are going on tour with legendary OC Ska-punkers Reel Big Fish! 22 days solid or something, playing 1500 capacity venues every night :o Pretty awesome news, I'm happy anyway :D
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    Haha, so here we are recording, then Bruce Dickinson's old drummer comes along to hang out Amazing
  7. randomdrum

    Recording the New Album!

    Started recording my second album on Monday! :) It's sounding so so awesome, really heavy and clean. Well impressed :D I'm using a nutty hybrid kit, 22" Oak Custom Kick, 10/12/16 DW Collectors Toms, and a beautiful Sonor 14x8 Bubinga beast snare. Sounds amazing though :) <object width="425"...
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    You may have already seen this but anyway....

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    One of the best gigs I've ever done - Leeds/Reading Festival

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    Truly Awesome Pop

    Pop music ftw I'm not on about your average radio balls, I'm on about decent, poppy awesome music. Here's two examples of stuff I've come across lately: <object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param...
  11. randomdrum

    What breaks pedal springs?

    What can lead to springs snapping on bass pedals? I don't really see how something like this can be put down to technique.
  12. randomdrum


    It is absolutely pissing it down over here, like someone's throwing pebbles at my skylight. And now we're getting thunder and lightning too! I love storms :D (haha the moment I wrote that it started raining even harder, I think the storm loves me too!)
  13. randomdrum

    Old video I just found

    <a href="">Random Hand Headline MainStage at Worthstock '06 Music Festival</a><br><object width="425px" height="360px"><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"><param name="movie"...
  14. randomdrum

    The Bravest Stand Up Ever

    Dunno if you guys in the US are aware of Scottish Patriotism, but it's as notorious as your own! :P Check this out: <object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><embed...
  15. randomdrum

    New Heads

    Yo yo I know there are a lot of M Birch owners on here so here's a question for y'all (not just M Birch owners though :D): I'm getting new heads, I'm playing fusion size M Birch and I'm after punchiness and volume, without sacrificing musicality. Any recommendations?
  16. randomdrum

    Learning Double Bass

    How did the more competent of double bass players on the board learn? Did you begin with speed and increase volume or vice versa? I'm finding that beginning with speed works quite well for me, and I can then progress on to louder volumes, though I find consistence at slower speeds and my usual...
  17. randomdrum


    I'm having problems with the bearings on my 8000 pedal - in one of the spring rockers the bearing keep crunching together and thus stopping the rocker from...well, rocking. If anyone owns an 8/9000 then you'll know how it works, the rocker doesn't spin on it's little rod, which increases the...
  18. randomdrum

    Brooks Wackerman

    I'm currently rocking 'The Empire Strikes First' (imo the last great Bad Religion album), and I'm enjoying Brooks' drumming very much, he does awesome fills considering he's in a fairly limited musical environment. Good example of awesome musical drumming within speedy punk is 'All There Is'...
  19. randomdrum

    Random Hand and Mike TV huge UK tour!!

    :D Gonna be awesome, 27 days in a row!! Artwork by me :D
  20. randomdrum

    My M Birch

    Finally actually got some pictures of my kit, haha :) Specs: Mapex M Birch in Transparent Cherry 20" x 18" Bass 10" High Tom 14" Floor Tom 14" Tama Artwood Maple Snare DW8002 Pedals Sabian HHX 13" Stage Hats Sabian AAX Stage Ride (Not set up!) Paiste Alpha Rock Crashes 18" and 20"...