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    Hey im new here

    hello, welcome to dml.
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    Hey im new here

    hello sam, welcome to the forums.
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    thought this video was pretty cool Nothing mindblowing, but it sounds really cool, atleast to me.
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    Anyone want to hear my first song?

    This my first attempt at recording, I recording all the instruments. it's just a simple rock song that has a little groove to it. It kinda drags on a bit, If I were to rerecord I'd probably shorten it to around 4 minutes. Instruments pdp x7...
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    My kit

    Things have changed since my first pics, so here ya go. PDP x7 8x7 10x8 12x9 16x14 Cymbals sabian aa tight ride sabian aa 16 bright crash saluda 22 inch china agazarian 12 inch splash wuhan 10 inch splash(cracked) amatis kraslice 14 inch hihats tama iron cobra powerglide Heads aquarian studio...
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    Tim yeung fans?

    I gotta say, one of my favorite drummers. good work on bleed the fifth, even better on bringer of plagues. I like his playing because even though he's one of the fastest, he doesn't shove it in your face in every song.
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    Things are looking up...

    Well, after months of searching for a band, I finally found one. I just got back from sitting in with them, and I feel real good about it. I think I did pretty good for never having heard any of their songs before. the band is right up my alley with their sound, and the guitarist are freaking...
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    Ya, Go itunes!!!!!!!!

    I was browsing through the itunes store, and guess what...They have a freaking metal page!! Eff Yeah!!!
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    The Mighty Boosh

    Watch it.
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    What other forums do you guys go to?

    just wonderring if anybody here talks on other forums. as for me... dml, ugw, airsoftforum, pbnation, and some anime forum I forgot.
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    post here if you still exist

    i'm curious.
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    drumming in summer....

    SUCKS. i can't stand just playing for 40 minutes and then having to take a shower or change so i don't have to sit in my own sweat for the rest of the day. basically just a rant, but god... I can't take it much longer :( me and temperatures over 70 fahrenheit don't mix. yes i know its not...
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    wow, i'm pissed.

    my 12" drum's bearing edge is fudged up, my 14" head has already took a big dump on me and has a big gash on its edge, and i'm pretty sure my 16" head is either fudged up or its bearing edge is wrong too. Options? for heads, ive tried remo emperors and aqaurian studio x's. The emperors died...
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    I finally aquired a camera... check it out!!!!

    Pdp x7 with remo emperors on toms, coated ambassador on snare, powerstroke on bass drum with double falam slam.... No-name hihats(they still sound good), sabian AA bright crash, wuhan traditional 10" splash, sabian AA tight ride, saluda modified 22" wuhan.... Tama Ic power glide doubles, random...
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    how much is this worth?

    I just bought it and am planning to sell it to make some cash. how much is it worth? http://drums-percussion.musiciansfriend ... sku=490517
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    hooray for me

    I got remo emperors all around, 8,10,12,14,16. finally, i don't have to muffle the hell out my heads to get a decent sound
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    how do you guys sit?

    I sit with my butt against the bottom of the backrest and then i lean my torso forward about 3 inches from my backrest. and when I sit down i'm pretty far back from everything, like my knees only go an inch or 2 past the closest part of snare, with legs angled down to my pedals about 70 degrees.
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    yamaha hexagonal rack ads

    aren't they ridiculously stupid? i'm sure the rack system is sound, but the ads are just so dumb.
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    Do you guys consider cymbals

    short term or long term investments? They're considered long term investments for me because ive never broken a cymbal in my life(ive been drumming for 7 years) I'm trying to convince my parents they're long term investments because I don't break them so I can pick up some new saluda brass...
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    Just trying to help you guys out...

    55% of every sabian AA cymbal! ... oryDisplay dam it, why did I have to tell my mom to order the stuff off my drum list for christmas already? :cry: