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  1. J

    2 cymbals together?

    my mate says in the new foo fighters video, taylor hawkins has a ride with a smaller cymbal literally underneither it, as in on the same stand with no felt between. what's that about? i've refused to belive him as this sound retarded. anyone heard anything about this?
  2. J

    DDRUM Diode acrylic

    i want to sell my MMX and get a DDRUM clear diode! am i nuts or what???
  3. J

    emerald fade MMX for sale

    i want to sell my Emerald Fade MMX 10, 12, 14, 16 hanging toms and 22 undrilled kick. i'd also sell it with 2 x T-2000 tom stands to be able to mount all toms 2 up, 2 down, without mounting off other stands! It's about 3 years old and been treated like a little baby, regular head changes...
  4. J

    basdrum practise pad

    has anyone got a link or heard of a practise pad like thing for pedals?!
  5. J

    Benny Grep is my god!!

    i was just watching all the meinl video's of him on youtube and he is amazing!!! i recon he's got such a good flair about the what and the way he plays!!! the sound quality isn't great but watch at all the way threw anyway!!! it kicks ass!!!
  6. J

    haha drum pictures!?

    does EVERYONE stand on their throne to take an overhead picture of their kit?? and when your doing it do you make an effort to get everything in and miss your feet?? or is that just me? :P
  7. J

    pinch punch gag

    you know the first of the month it's the old pinch punch gag... well my gf claimes that it's bad luck to do it after 12 noon...but i said that that's only for april fools.. who is correct? me or her??
  8. J

    hi-hat stand rod

    ok ok...i don't know if anyone agrees but due to me being short my hi-hat stand rod has alot of left over poking out of my stand and personally i think it looks ugly! what's the best way to get the rod to the height i want it? can i/do i have to buy rods to a custom length? or can i saw it? but...
  9. J

    ian paice sig snare is the best!!

    i've been playing it now for a while...i just thought i'd let you all know how perfect it is!!! it's perfect!!! :)
  10. J

    [JimmiRock] - Emerald fade MMX :)

    added a 10" a custom splash...any suggestions on mounting?? so?? :)
  11. J

    tama superstar 24..opinion

    TAMA Superstar Limited Edition Rock 24 in Solid Black 12”x 9” tom 16”x 16” floor tom 18” x 16” floor tom 14” x 6.5” snare 24” x 18” bass drum & Tom holder Tama Road Pro Boom Cymbal stand Tama Road Pro Cymbal stand Tama Road Pro Snare stand Tama Road Pro Hi Hat stand Tama HP200 Bass Drum pedal...
  12. J


    Drummers i need your help!! My band has managed to get to the last 4 of the 'Best unsigned band in UK' award thingy for kerrang/vodafone.. we NEEEEEED votes and lots of them to win!!! so PLEASE vote as much as you can so i can get an award and i'll personally thank you guys and this forum...
  13. J

    [JimmiRock] - Pearl MMX

    before the finishing touches MMX shell pack 10,12,14,16 rack toms 18 x 22 kick 14 x 6.5 ian paice sig snare pearl advanced hardware iron cobra hat and double kick pedals big fat tama throne with flame on the back 14" mastersounds 17" a projection crash 18" a projection crash 21" k ride
  14. J

    Zenyth - Old school rock from Cardiff Wales we're actually up for best UK unsigned band for kerrang/vodafone awards!! there's a link on the page go vote for us!! :P:P