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  1. wolfendenstate

    Building Your Own Kit

    Since I've been part of this forum I've learnt one thing about high end drums, and that is you're essentially paying for the name. I've also noticed that many people have suggested building your own kit from scratch. I've been thinking about it, and I'm very tempted to give it a try when I have...
  2. wolfendenstate

    Home Recording

    I need some advice. After reading an issue of Rhythm magazine a few months back with recording tips I decided to start looking for the types of mics I need and basically get some cheap ones. After searching online I've found what I need and at a reasonable price, I intend to use: two T-Bone...
  3. wolfendenstate

    True Pitch Tuning

    Right, here's the thing. I own a PDP CX kit, which is advertised as having True-Pitch Tuning, which to me means that it should have printed on each drum a note to tune it to. I am right in thinking this? If that is the case, then my kit does not have this, believe me I've looked, it's not...
  4. wolfendenstate

    Drum World Drum Company?????

    Basically, I've found someone selling a 6 piece birch drum kit of 250 pounds. The guy says it's made by Drum World, but I've never heard of them, has anyone else. When I googled them I did find one company in Wales (which is where I am incidentally) but they have no birch kits on sale...
  5. wolfendenstate

    The Wolfenden State

    We've just put up three new songs
  6. wolfendenstate

    Buying Drum mics

    I've just bought the latest issue of Rhythm mag (issue 131). In this issues there is a section on mics, and the Cd had examples of the sounds you get from mics. I was just wondering if anyone could tell me of any good UK websites for buying large condenser mics, as that's all i really need to...
  7. wolfendenstate

    Recording Drums

    Hi, I was just wondering how many drummers out there record at home, and if so do you have a full drum mic set up? You see, I'm thinking about buying some, but I'm a bit worried that I'll shell out all my hard earned cash, then be disappointed with the results. My band has done some recording...