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    warlord series SPARTAN

    hey all, ive seen tons of posts on the spartan warlord drum, however id like a personnal opinion from all of you on how this drum holds up sound? quality? overtones? natural dynamics (is it naturally loud or something?) i just want opinions before i buy thanks -kevin
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    jojo mayer - modern drummer 2005 performance

    if you have seen it, you may have noticed in the first song that he uses a practice marching head called a "tunable sound shape" has anyone played with this before? does anyone have one? if so is it worth the money?
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    drum solo mp3's

    does anyone know a site where you can download drum solos from different drummers? i have limewire but they dont have a very good search engine anymore and you cant exactly get youtube solos on your ipod i dont even know if such a site exists but if it does, please share :D video or mp3 would...
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    becoming an independant drummer

    hey all, some of my favorite drummers now (thanks to some of you for showing them to me) are dave weckl, chad wackerman, thomas lang, etc etc i love how they have an independant style and are completely on their own. true they do play with musicians however they are clinicians as well. i...
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    jazz and latin beats

    hey everyone, just wondering if any of you knew any sites or could write/type out some good latin or jazz beats and rythms to practice. im trying to expand my styles and dont have enough money for books, so if any of you could help that would be awesome. thanks a lot
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    great up and coming drummers

    what are some of your favorite up and coming drummers? or even favorite drummers overall ? great ones that you have learned from?? include why as well
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    i have a huge drumming problem, anyone help

    eh, ok so ive been at a low point in my drumming for a while now, i havent really learned anything new in a long time. the way i practice goes like this : i hear music i like, if they have a good drummer i learn from them and see how they play and then i incorporate their playing into my style...