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  1. pow3rtr1p

    My First Video

    Epic fail? I think so. And yes, I know the clicks aren't in time.
  2. pow3rtr1p

    Meinls for Darker Instrumental Rock

    So, I have finally narrowed down the kind of playing I plan on doing seriously on drums. I was in a band that did instrumental post rock for a while, and it was an absolute blast. The music is along the lines of such bands as Mogwai, God is an Astronaut, Blindplace, and It's a genre I feel...
  3. pow3rtr1p

    Which "Type" of Ride?

    So, I have had a few different rides, and all of them had a little something missing. My old 20" Zildjian Avedis ride was super heavy, got really loud, and lacked definition. Had a great bell, though. My 19" Saluda Diamond Rock Crash/Ride was a good big crash, but the ride was a bit too...
  4. pow3rtr1p

    Sonor and Saluda: Take 2

    Just set up some of my new Saludas, and figured I'd go ahead and share with everyone.
  5. pow3rtr1p

    Soft Drum Bags

    I don't really have the space for hard-shell drum cases, but I need something to protect my drums. They fit in the trunk of my car fine, but I am a bit worried that eventually the finish will get ruined or something if they bump into each other too hard. I looked on Musician's Friend, but they...
  6. pow3rtr1p

    I May Have Found My Perfect Ride

    I was just searching through Musician's Friend, looking at cymbals, dreaming, and listening to audio clips. Well, assuming the audi clip and verbal descriptions are correct, I have found my perfect ride cymbal. The 20" Zildjian K Custom Dry Ride. The description says it has a short decay, which...
  7. pow3rtr1p

    Using Rock Cymbals for Other Music

    OK, so I have all Rock cymbals right now. They sound great for rock, and metal, and such. However, I tried playing a more funky, lighter song today, and they just sounded "off". I'm not sure if they are just too heavy for the more funky, ska type sound I'm going for. So, do you guys own...
  8. pow3rtr1p

    Evans Hi Energy Equivelant?

    I have an Aquarian Hi Energy snare head right now. It sound great, with the crack I was looking for, and just the right amount of ring, with a great rimshot sound. When these heads give out, I plan on going all Evans, so as not to become a fanboy. So, what head would be similar to a Hi Energy? I...
  9. pow3rtr1p

    Bright, Piercing Bell Sound

    So, I love my crash ride as a chorus crash, and as a ride cymbal, but there's one thing I don't like about it, and that's the bell. I want a sharp, bright, in your face bell, like on the following albums: Lamb of God: Ashes of the Wake August Burns Red: Messengers Bad Religion: The Empire...
  10. pow3rtr1p

    Splash Above Hi-Hat?

    Is there anything along the lines of a cymbal stacker I could use to mount a small cymbal (either a splash or a bell) on the post of my Hi-Hat, without ruining the pedal motion or doing something bad? I have my left side crash fairly low and close to my Hats, so I don't think a grabber arm off...
  11. pow3rtr1p

    Almost got the buzz out, but...

    I read the Drum Tuning Bible, and tried many of its suggestions, so please don't recommend I read that ;) I did the tip to detune the lugs closest to where the snares attach, and tighten the others in order to keep the same pitch. It eliminated much of the buzz, but it is still noticeable to...
  12. pow3rtr1p

    Sonor Force 1005

    So, finally got the pics uploaded. Sorry about the one of me playing, but it was just me, so I set the camera to a timer, then just went over and played for a couple seconds. I wish I could get a better angel of me playing (preferably no face involved) but it will have to suffice for now.
  13. pow3rtr1p

    Sonor + Aquarian + Saluda = Happiness

    Well, I finally got to open up my set. I don't mean unwrap. I mean play it like I mean it. I've lived in a campus apartment, so I've been playing with mutes and no cymbals. So, I brought it home from school, and I've been playing it a LOT. I love this set. The tone with these Aquarian heads is...
  14. pow3rtr1p

    Looking for Drumstick Recommendations

    I've been using Joey Jordisons for a while, and I like the way they feel, but they're just too expensive, and a bit tacky. I took them to the local music store for a comparison with some other sticks, and evnded up buying some Dave Weckl Evolution sticks. They feel amazing, and fit my hands...
  15. pow3rtr1p

    Choosing Cymbals for One Who Actually Knows What He Wants

    I know a lot of people give really vague guidelines when they ask about cymbal choices, I won't be another one of those people. Brand names don't matter, just the sound I want within my budget is what I want. Hi-Hat - Budget: $200-300 I want a Hat without the metallic, tinny, crappy sound of...