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    22 Calibre

    I just joined this band last week...Amazing musicians and a very good time playing out!
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    Drum Clinic Videos

    Check out video footage from the February 24th, 2006 Drum Clinic @ Crossroads Music Center on my Myspace page: Also, check out my two new tracks "Recovery Anthem" & "Stagnant" Thanks.
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    "Vertigo" U2 Tribute Band

    Just for fun, money and hanging out with good people...Plus this project has helped my playing like no other!
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    [tamadrumboy] - Tama

    Named after my God daughter/niece, this great sounding kit is my practice kit/small club kit because of its petite size. Mia gives my playing a totally different dimension and opens up many different possibilities than Big Bertha 8)
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    [tamadrumboy] - Tama

    "Big Bertha" is my pride and joy. I put thousands of dollars into restoring this beautiful drumkit. When people ask me how the kit sounds I always tell them "The toms sound like cannons!". In history "Big Bertha" was the name of the biggest cannon ever built. Also, the restoration color is...