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    sabians for sale

    My set of sabians i've had for about six months are on the selling block. Great sounding cymbals, i have joined a different band and play lighter music so these are really of no use to my current needs. all are about 6 months old and have no issues with them at all, besides some stick marks...
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    16" Paiste Alpha rock crash

    $92.00 plus shipping takes this bad boy. Easily $130+ in stores. Paiste's great "so called intermediate line". Better than most other companies pro lines :) Nice and bright, really cuts, sounds great! Just have to unload, Only two months old.
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    22" AAX Powerbell for sale (SOLD)

    Wow, this is one loud mutha! They made it exactly the way i want it, but its way too over powering for what i play. :( So i gotta sell this sucker. $314 is what i paid for it, its obviously brand new and only played a couples with my band. Now i gotta start from ground zero again.
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    powerbell is here! (NEW pics and Video just added)

    Ok updated pics and a video. NICE!!!!!!
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    22" 2002 ROCKBELL RIde (SOLD)

    Awesome ride, awesome condition. small 1.5 scratch that is so light not even sure how it happened. picture shows it, very very light. Logos 100%, no issues at all besides that insignificant scratch. minus that scratch i would list the cymbal as MINT, but i can't. Got it for $260+ shipping...
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    AAX Custom order

    Hey guys, Ordered my 22" AAX Powerbell ride today. Currently not happy with the AAX Rawbell i had (sold recently) so i am ordering this and will use my paiste rockbell until it shows up (who knows when, custom orders take a while) For those of you who know i have paiste as well, just finishing...
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    Paiste's for sale - almost all sold

    I got a custom order coming in and need to unload some of my beloved paiste's. 16" alpha rock crash left $92 + shipping. Must pay shipping, paypal of course :)
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    A picture of the family

    All generations in this pic :) Some need a shave (5oclock shadow) :) But wow those 3000 rudes are incredible. wont trade them for nothing!
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    Here are my holy grails of ride cymbals, picked up some good 3003 rude hihats as well. check them out 22" 2002 ROCK Bell Ride 22" 3000 RUDE Power Ride 14" 3000...
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    22" Signature Power Ride - Reflector (SOLD)

    I have a three month old killer of a ride cymbal here. Unfortunately finances are very rough since losing my job a while ago and i have to downsize my cymbals and this one has to go. I bought this brand new three months ago or slightly less. Played it four times, only finger prints and some...
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    Couple new additions

    I have a 20" Alpha rock crash 19" Twenty series crash added to my arsenal :) Videos are on
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    Sabian's for sale or trade

    I know i had another post, but i have sold somethings and i'm also revising for a trade. I have for sale or trade 18" AAX Brilliant Chinese $140 21" AAX Raw bell dry ride $190 SOLD 17" AAX XPlosion crash $120 13" Paiste Twenty Hats $200 brand new, never played. Will trade for signature or...
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    Now this is a Powerride

    Hey guys, One of my all time favorite cymbals from any company period!
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    Alpha Rock ride

    Hey paiste lovers, In case you are looking for a good rock ride or metal ride, it could do both kinds of music. I was in GC the other day and played this bad boy. For the record, i will put this ride up with ANY ride for rock playing. Its crisp, nice ping,bright bell, nice wash. Not to...
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    TRX Cymbal selection

    Here is the link to a PDF file of TRX cymbal selections page. Pretty neat page.
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    Gotta unload my Sabs!

    Times are bad. Bad for me, good for you i suppose. All are like new 14" AAX Stage hihats brilliant ($200) 16" AAX Dark Crash one-two months old ($100) (SOLD) 17" AAX Dark crash ($100) (SOLD) 17" AAX XPlosion Crash ($120) (SOLD to Tamadude) as of promisory post :) 18" AAX Chinese brilliant...
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    My band a couple months ago

    HEre is my band playing a Velvet revolver song a couple months ago. not bad for being right up front, as far as sound quality and video.
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    Pics of my kit at my gig

    This is from this last weekend. I have experimented with my set and got a pearl stand attachment to put my two rack toms on a cymbal stand, so i can have my ride closer to me. Close to what peart does minus a rack tom, oh and electronics, oh and triggers, oh and about 5 cymbals,,,and no gold...
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    For Sale - 21" AAX Raw Bell Dry Ride

    Hey everyone, this is one of the first made. I received it from someone who bought it at NAMM09. Nice stick definition, slight ping, nice dark warm undertones. Bell is not annoying, has a nice clear , cutting sound to it. To my knowledge Sabian has just started distributing this ride to the...
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    Paiste's Twenty Series memo

    This is an email directly from Eric Paiste regarding the quality control issues with the Twenty series. Erik's E-mail: Hello, I’ve received some information about rumors travelling around the world on internet blogs and forums, regarding our Twenty Series. I thought it might be a good idea...