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  1. juNgle beatZ

    Do you let other drummers play on your kit?

    Do you allow other people to sit behind your stuff and play? I personaly hate when someone plays on my kit... I feel like they're using my toothbrush :evil:
  2. juNgle beatZ

    dream band

    if you could get any musician to play in your dream who'd you get, assuming of course that you would be the drummer? mine line up would be: Flea - bass Derek Sherinian - keyboards Adam Jones - guitar Amon Tobin - programing & samples
  3. juNgle beatZ

    Yamaha YESS mouting system

    What's your opinion about Yamaha's YESS mounts? I've heard that they can brake off...
  4. juNgle beatZ

    Is less really more?

    Many musicians, not only drummers will tell you that less is more when it comes to playing - that often you should play less, more simpler stuff in order to let the music breath etc. What's your opinion on this subject? I'm asking because recently I argued about this with a bass player who...
  5. juNgle beatZ

    Most unique/awesome cymbal you own?

    I've just bought a Paiste mega cup chime 13" I;ve never heard anything like it before and I simply love it :) I think it is the most unique cymbal I've ever heard or played... what's yours?
  6. juNgle beatZ

    Yamaha Oak Custom

    Welcome back after a few months without my pc... Anyway I have an opportunity to buy Yamaha Oak Customs second hand, unfortunately I have no idea how they sound and have no way of checking them out... Could anyone write how does the oak compare to maple or birch? Thanks