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  1. k0staZ

    Can I Do This With An Elec.drumset And Addicticve Drums??

    i know there is a category electronic drumset but no-one gets in there... so, can i connect an electronic drumkit with my pc and have the sounds from addictive drums??
  2. k0staZ

    CHECK THIS OUT..The legend of future

    Hey, i think a new legend will shock the whole universe in the future.. His name is Soteris and he plays the drums.He is a natural talent and he is only 10 years old!!!! whatch the vids: 2.5 years old at 10 yrs old...
  3. k0staZ

    I cant belive it!!

    I saw a vid at youtube..a band was playing live..the drums were so good sounding...i messaged the drummer and asked her what was the model.. she told me "Pearl Target"...i couldnt belive it...a pearl target had a nice tone like that, she after told me that the kit had many mics..Do the mics make...
  4. k0staZ

    Sound DiFFerence??

    If you mic a drumset then mixer then speakers will it has any difference in sound with an "un-miced" drum set??
  5. k0staZ

    Hey i am back DML!!!!

    Hey i had a lot of work this summer and now i am back:P
  6. k0staZ


    How Lars Ulrich makes that strange sound on his snare on the song Saint Anger??
  7. k0staZ


    The website that you gave me ships internationally!!!!!And saludas are cheaper than sabians and zildjians... Do you think to start with saludas???Tell me some good series that worth pls;p
  8. k0staZ

    Trigger Question

    I put this on the triggers thread 1 week ago and i have no response so.. With the triggers you can change your drumset sound.. Trigger-Drum module- and then???? and where the sound comes out??
  9. k0staZ

    Is it a good choice?????

    I found some Sabians on and i want you to tell me your opinion.. Sabian AAX Fast Hats 14" Sabian AAX Metal Crash 16" Sabian AA Medium Heavy Ride 20" What do you think???
  10. k0staZ

    Which color??

    Which color for my M Birch?? Transparent Saphhire?? or Transparent Cherry Red?? (Only these colors because i have the money for these colors and to get good cymbals from my parents)
  11. k0staZ

    What he says about his m birch... See on the comments and next to the video..
  12. k0staZ

    What Cymbals To Get??

    I am able to give 400 euros ($600) What to get???
  13. k0staZ

    alesis multimix

    What is the difference between Multimix 8 Firewire and Multimix 8 USB??
  14. k0staZ

    What are the Triggers??

    What are the Triggers?? How they work?? Why they are expensive??
  15. k0staZ

    Mapex M Birch vs Pro M

    I was afraid about the jazz sets until i saw a man playing the Enter sandman and the Mater Of puppets on a jazz set!! It was sounding better with the toms of the jazz set!!! So, i remembered you telling me that there is no problem to play metal on fusion and jazz sets.. So now with my price...
  16. k0staZ

    Is a good site to trust it???

    Is a good site to trust it??? Have you ought a drumset from this site?? thnx
  17. k0staZ

    Do you know any good online sites???

    Do you know any good online sites THAT THEY SHIP IN EUROPE(INTERNATIONAL)????? thnx pls answer:P
  18. k0staZ

    Are these the new look or the old xs20??? ... kenset.htm Are these the new look or the old xs20???Are they good??
  19. k0staZ

    How the Bandwith Meter is being calculated???

    How the Bandwith Meter is being calculated???
  20. k0staZ

    Recording question

    How can i record my drum KIT??? I'll buy in the future a mic with a stand and a cable...Where this cable goeS? How can i record my drums to put videos on youtube with buying some stuff with a low cost??? i HAVE THE CAMERA