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    Hammerax 'cymbals'

    Have you heard of these? I don't even know how to name them :?: quasi-cymbals maybe. Waiting for your opinions cheers loop
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    [loop] Tama Starclassic Performer

    Hi Everyone! Here are my Tamas: 22x16 12x10 14x12 14x6.5 Pearl MMX snare Cymbals: 13 Paiste Sig Heavy Hats 22 Paiste 2000 Power Ride 16 Alchemy PRO ART Crash 18 Stagg SH Medium Regular Crash(friend's of mine) 10 Stagg Furia Splash 18 Stagg DH China (all of these staggs are really good...
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    E-snare drum made of a pickup... let's discuss 8)
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    Mics placement

    Hi everyobody! I'd like to know how you place your mics when you record your drumset. Also, what / how many mics do you use? Any feedback appreciated. Cheers
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    Radio Kings on Ebay

    On ebay there are always plenty of Slingerland snares, each of varying vintage, model, and condition. How would one identify a Radio King among other model snares? What are the odds of any old "vintage 60's Slingerland maple snare" auction being a Radio King? I've heard varying testimonies on...
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    New line from Ddrum

    Ddrum introduced it's new drum line - Ddrum Dios drums. They're made either of african bubinga or north american walnut. You can find more info here:
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    Things you love at gigs

    As the title says :) Tell us about the things you love at gigs.
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    World's Fastest Drummer Competition - Is it even drumming?

    Hello everyone :) Let's discuss about it. What do you guys and gals think? loop
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    Do you use heavier sticks for practice?

    Do you use heavier sticks for practice? I use Vic Firth Dom Famularos as practice sticks and they're a bit bigger and heavier than average sticks. While playing rehearsals and gigs I use smaller and lighter sticks and I think I'm a bit faster with them. Do you think it is a good idea?
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    When did you upgrade to a better set?

    I was wondering what drumset you guys all started out with and how long it took to make you feel ready for a better one?
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    Faster Setup time...

    For you that travel alot and have to set up your own sets. What are some of the tricks you use to fasten this process? loop
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    Wood types

    Hi everybody! I'd like to discuss about wood types used to build drums. What wood type do you prefer and why? Also - is mixing few wood types in one shell good? I personally really like the sound of birch drums. I own a birch set, I like the punchiness of it and the power I can get out of it...
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    Drums My Life Store!

    For all members >> Drums My Life Store <<
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    Bass drum: ported vs. non ported?

    Do you guys and gals have your kick drums ported? If so, why? If not, why? Let's discuss :) What are advanages and disadvantages of ported/ non ported kicks? loop
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    Why Drums?

    What (who) made you want to start playing drums? I've always felt the groove in all music and had the natural ability to find the time and rythm. Plus I have always thought the drums were the coolest instrument to play... They are big bad and loud!!!! Oh, and Animal was my favorite Muppet 8)
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    What made you a better drummer?

    What specific thing did you learn on drums, that you would say made you from an OK drummer to a better than average drummer? Was it a song, technique or maybe something else(?)...
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    Pic posting/resizing

    Hi everyobody! POSTING A PIC: frist step - host the pic on a website like IMAGESHACK second step - copy the direct link to your pic and paste it to the reply window Don't forget to use the Img button It should look like this: RESIZING A PIC: frist step - open your pic using Paint...
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    Best drummer you've seen live

    So who's the best drummer you've gotten to see play live? Clinic, concert, in their garage, doesn't matter. For me it must be Piotr Szkudelski of Perfect. Seriously a great drummer and an open handed player. Worth seeing and listening to.
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    Tama Tension Watch Anyone?

    Does anybody here use Tama TW100? If so, post your tension values. Mine are(batter / reso): 12x10 tom 55 / 65 14x12 tom 50 / 65 22x16 BD 50 / 60 14x6.5 snare drum 80 / 80 PS - please post here your opinions on that device. Let's talk about TW 100 and Drum Dial:)
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    Extra Drums vs. Extra Cymbals

    For the record, this is just for the sake of debate - I already have my own setup planned out. Anyway: If you were limited in budget, would you rather have lots of drums and a few cymbals or lots of cymbals and a few drums? Or, would you rather take the minimalist approach like lots of...