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  1. drumdug

    Where to find musician classifieds on the web?

    I'm starting a band and am looking for band mates. Where is a good online classified place to find such musicians? I tried myspace and guitar centers classifieds, but was wondering if there was a better place? Drum on!
  2. drumdug

    The best crash cymbal to use as a ride?

    I see a lot of drummers using a large crash cymbal to use as a ride. Or even using a ride cymbal in the same manor (not hitting the cymbal on the surface, hitting it on the edge like you would hit a crash cymbal only repeatedly like a ride). what is the best cymbal to use for this?
  3. drumdug

    My new Mapex M-Birch 7pc.

    Drum sizes: 8", 10", 12" up 14", 16" down 22" bass drum 14x6.5 Mapex pro series maple snare Cymbals (Sabian): 14" Paragon hi-hats, 13" xs20 hi-hats, 10" paragon splash, 10" AAX splash, 2x 16" paragon crash, 18" paragon crash, 19" paragon china, 20" paragon china, 22" Paragon ride. DW 4002...
  4. drumdug

    Angels Wake

    Here are links to the band I just joined: Sounds like U2, Collective Soul, Live, etc.
  5. drumdug

    The importance of the bottom head on toms/snares?

    I would like to get everyones opinion on the importance of the non-batter side head, how you tune it, etc.
  6. drumdug

    How do you tune your snare?

    I'm curious how people tune their snare. I try to tune mine so it has a low end-type punch to it. I play mainly rock. I don't really like a high pitch sound to my snare. Gimmie your thoughts...
  7. drumdug

    What drum head are you using (live and/or recording)?

    What Drum Heads are you using? Post what kind. aka: Emperor (Remo) or EMAD (Evans) I use Remo Pinstripe (2-ply) on the toms and will be using an Emperor X dot snare head. I currently have an Evans head on my snare.
  8. drumdug

    Drum Clinics

    Post any drum clinics that will be in your area here. It would be cool to see how many clinics go on in the world. And maybe one will be happening in your area that you didn't know about.
  9. drumdug

    What is your favorite drum company?

    Vote for your favorite drum manufacturer. I voted for Mapex. I think they sound great and it's very easy to get components (extra drums, hardware, etc.).
  10. drumdug

    Favorite Cymbal Maker

    Vote for your favorite cymbal manufacturer. I voted for Sabian. Lots of options for different styles and sounds.
  11. drumdug

    [drumdug] - Mapex VX

    Mapex VX Black Drums: 10x8, 12x10, 13x11, 14x11, 16x16F, 22x16 bass, 14x5.5 snare. Cymbals (Sabian): 13" XS20 hats, 10" AAX splash, 16" paragon crash, 16" B8 crash (to be upgraded), 18" AA rock crash, 18" B8 china (to be upgraded), 21" AA rock ride. Pics...