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    1 Rock x 1 Blues
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    This is my mew band. English songs are on their way.... Enjoy Tero Seva - Music
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    Remo Vintage A

    What do you think about Remo Vintage A drum heads? I have them on my kit now and they are gorgeous. Best fat, resonant sound i've ever had. and the snare in the best.
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    tama tension watch problems?

    I have a Tama Superstar FS and I am considering buying a tw. i can tune my drums good, but with the tw I can record my tunings. also it will help me a lot on touring..... But I've heard that there is a problem when using TW un drums which have die-cast hoops. Can you please tell me about that...
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    New band website

    Hey all, After months of waiting, finally our web-site is up and running. You have the english button in the upper right corner You are always welcome. Tero True Mind
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    New Cymbals

    Hey guys, After months of searching the web, here is my new cymbal setup. 20" Zildjian A Costum Medium Ride 20" Paiste 2002 Medium Crash 18" Paiste 2002 Ride 18" Meinl Classic China 14" Paiste 2002 Heavy hi-Hats 15" Paiste 2002 Crash - made in 1973 10" Paiste Alpha Metal Splash
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    2002 18" ride

    A guy is selling a 2002 18" ride limited edition. but it is not the wild ride. do you have any info about thic cymbal please??
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    tuning question

    Hey guys I have a little trouble here. I have a tama superstar fusion drum set with evans ec2 over remo ambasador. I tune my tom toms to sound just great when i sit behind the kit. but 10 feet in front...they sound like junk. is it a problem? in live situations the mics are right on top the...
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    Jason Bonham sticks

    hello guys, how durable are actually these sticks? i have played last night with one pair of these sticks and I absolutely love the feeling, the weight and the power. BUT, they are maple.
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    new additions and setup

    so here is my old girl with modifications It is a Tama Superstar CMM: 22' BD, 10, 12, 12, 14 toms and 14 snare I got a tama rockstar 12' tom for about 15 dollars. it's white, but i don't care :D Cymbals: paiste PST5: 16' rock crash, 14' minichina, 14' hihats, 18' rock crash...
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    vZv - The Raven

    hey guys this is my first video, so please enjoy and comment. the drum track you can hear was recorded after i made this therefore some differences can be noticed. let me know what you think about my drumming and about the songs. you can hear some more at
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    Korg Beatlab

    Hi there I was wondering, do you guys know a software similat to Korg BeatLab? a more complex metronom for pc. thanks
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    Here is my other band. sorry for the poor recordings, but we didn't have profesional equipment :)
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    URGENT PLEASE: Paiste 2000

    the guy is sellinf it for about 100 dollars. is it ok?
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    can you believe this? :)))

    you won't understand the language, but this guy wants to sell that junk for 350 euros. :)))))) he is insane!!!
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    Temperature Changes

    How do temperature variations affect drum heads? I had some evens ec2 on my toms. 4 mounths old. and after a long harsh winter they sound like crap. The drum set was in a room with no heating except when we were there. And can these temperature changes affect drum shels as well?
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    Nivelu 4

    This is one of the bands i play with....
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    remo emperor vs evans ec2

    it's time i change my drumheads....been a long winter, the drumset was in a room with no heating except for practice and now my ec2's are a mess. pity...only 2 months old. i wanna ask you which one with u prefer. I have a tama superstar drum set. i am asking this because i only have a small...
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    I just wanna wish you the best and have a nice new year party. HAPPY NEW YEAR and HAPPY DRUMMING!!!!
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    pro mark mike portnoy

    what's your opinion about these drum sticks? :)