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  1. drummer912

    18" Stage Crash

    i'm thinking of ordering an 18" Sabian Stage Crash. Are they pretty good main crashes?
  2. drummer912

    good main crash

    Well, I cracked my main crash, so I need another. I was thinking of either an 18" AA Medium, AAX-Plosion, or AAX Stage crash. Any suggestions?
  3. drummer912

    What to Get

    Im getting an 18" Mist X medium crash to replace my cracked AA meduim crash. Im gonna use that as my main crash, but i want another brighter one for my secondary crash. Which mist X cymbal would be good for that? I was thinking a 17" thin crash. thanks.
  4. drummer912

    Broken AA crash?

    I can't tell if my AA 18" Medium crash has a crack in it. It kinda makes the sound of the cymbal hitting metal (like when you just put it on a stand w/o the felt or plasitc rings), but i have looked over the cymbal several times and have found nothing. I thought it was maybe the stand so I...
  5. drummer912

    new throne

    i cant decide whether to get the RNS nitro, original, the Pork Pie big boy bicycle, or the gibraltar moto bike throne. i like to sit kinda high and want something with good bounce cause i bobble around from time to time. thaks.
  6. drummer912

    This Forum is Huge

    This place is pretty awesome. I haven't been a member here for even a year and this place has grown so much since I joined. When I first joined, there weren't that many active members and not that many people had become good friends like they are now. Now we've got a dang convention planned...
  7. drummer912


    this guy is somethin else. <object width="425" height="355"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="wmode" value="transparent"></param><embed src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash"...
  8. drummer912

    I do believe it's time for another ride

    Ok so I'm looking for a versitile ride w/ good stick definition and minimum wash. I'm thinking the good ole zildjian pinger is the one. any other suggestions?
  9. drummer912

    AVP R

    The new aliens vs predator movie comes out tuesday, and I can't wait to see it. It looks sweet as crap. Who else wants to see it?
  10. drummer912

    Congratulations SuNoAnBuKi

    Your quote has made the DML box thing at the bottom of the screen. But I'm sure u already know this. Good job bra.
  11. drummer912

    what is it?

    this splash cymbal came with me drums and I was wonderin what line it was, there is no other marking than the Zildjian and 10" splash. I'm guessin it's an old Avedis maybe?
  12. drummer912

    Aquarian heads

    I was thinking of getting some aquarian texture coated response II drum heads for my DW drums. I have heard good things about these heads, so do y'all have any testimonials?
  13. drummer912

    Cymbal polish and whatnot

    The kit and cymbals i just bought has been sitting in cases in a friend's room for about two year so it's time to clean um up. what's some good cymbal polish and do i need any like shell polish or anything? the shells look pretty good, but there are a few dirty spots. thank a lot.
  14. drummer912

    my drums

    It's and older DW kit (not sure how old, the guy i bought it from didn't know much about drums) but it's in great condition and sounds really good. ***I know the tom angles are weird, but i just got them last nite and i have midterms and homework so I havn't had alot of time to fiddle with...
  15. drummer912

    got my new set today

    I was really blessed to get a great deal on a six piece DW kit. My friend had it an never used it anymore, so he sold me the six piece kit, five cases, 3 crashes (ones cracked) a hi hat pair, a splash, a sabian cymbal case, and two cymbal/tom stands. Ive been really busy today, so hopefully i...
  16. drummer912

    Anyone else have Rock Band?

    I got the game a few days after it came out and beat it on hard in a few days. It's actually pretty fun, my only critiques are that it is kinda hard trying to look at the bass drum pedal note (a lighted bar on the fretboard on the screen) while reading the raised bar notes. Plus, my red drum...
  17. drummer912

    Jam Blocks

    Is there any difference in the red jam block and the stealth jam block? the look exactly alike, but one is black.
  18. drummer912

    who's getting rock band?

    i am, it's actually pretty sweet. If you play on expert, you play almost the same as you would if u were doing the real song i.e. ghost notes and hi-hat splashes. i got 97% on dani california on expert.
  19. drummer912

    Zildjians in GH3

    played the demo for Guitar Hero 3 today from Xbox Live Marketplace, and i noticed the drummer uses Zildjian's. It's pretty detailed, you can see the Avedis Zildjian logo as well as the Z Custom logo and the hammering pattern they have. O yea, and the bassist wears a Ziljian shirt. Just...
  20. drummer912

    pearl double

    i have the p2000c powershifter and was wonderin if they make a slave pedal to convert my single to a double. i have looked, but havnt found one. ... sku=448278