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  1. Mitchell?

    Legit? Legit?
  2. Mitchell?

    20" Zildjian K Custom Medium Ride

    So, I have the chance to get one of these in good condition for $75. My question is, should I buy it? I play just about every music style, but what does it do best? Also, could I later turn around and sell it for a profit?
  3. Mitchell?

    Electronic music

    I need some suggestions for good music. Stuff like trip hop, dub, you know. Crazy electronic stuff. What are some good bands to check out? Go!
  4. Mitchell?

    Rogers Questions

    This one is for The Ploughman :) Tell me all about this kit:
  5. Mitchell?

    Vintage Ludwig kit

    Well, I need to know everything you guys can tell me about this kit. Is it authentic? Time period? How much is it worth? and pretty much most of all, is it worth the $575 he's asking? Thanks guys!
  6. Mitchell?

    Molecules Drums

    :shock: Weird. (BTW, listen to the audio files.)
  7. Mitchell?


    Okay, I wanted to hear how many of us DML'ers are multi-instrumentalists. Guitar, bass, keys, vocals...Anything. I want to know what else you guys play. I myself do: Guitar, bass, keys, vocals, mandolin, and cello.
  8. Mitchell?

    18" Wuhan China for $15.

    ...on Musicians Friend Stupid Deal of the Day: Thought I'd throw this out here for you Wuhan junkies.
  9. Mitchell?


    Okay, I'm playing an Acro right now, but I'm looking for a really 'pop'-y snare drum. I don't mean the music genre, I mean like Tim "Herb" Alexander's (Primus) snare drum sound. I'm thinking a 13" snare, and a medium weight head? Or can I do it with the Acro? Suggestions/comments/advice?
  10. Mitchell?

    Mapex M Birch

    Finally got a kit that sounds good, and is respectable. Not to mention good lookin' :lol: Finally I get to show the board my kit.... :) Check it: Front: Front: Right: Left: Left: The kick (this is a nice idea of teh actual colour): 8x8 tom, and the Badge: The Acro: Top...
  11. Mitchell?


    Anything can be bought: <object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="wmode" value="transparent"></param><embed src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash"...
  12. Mitchell?

    Congas vs. Djembes

    Okay, so I'm looking to add some world percussion to the set up, but I know absolutely nothing about this. I know Bonham used congas in a Moby Dick solo, but I've been looking into djembes. Could you guys help me out with distinguishing congas from djembes, sound-wise? Also, the drummer from...
  13. Mitchell?

    I'm Looking Into A New Drum Set...

    Alright, lately I've decided that now that I've improved greatly over the past few years, I'm in a band that's playing out, and my current drum set blows goat, that it's time I upgraded. I've been looking around, and I've kind've narrowed it down to two possibilities: Gretsch Catalina Ash...
  14. Mitchell?

    I need a good kick trigger....

    Okay, I'm new to triggering, but I'm planning on just triggering my kick for now. I've looked at ddrum's and Rolands, I don't know any other ones, but I've heard that the Roland's are the shit. Any opinions? Advice? Comments?
  15. Mitchell?

    I'm in the gang now too...

    Just got my Saluda 18" Mist X Medium crash in the mail today. :D WOW. Just what I wanted. Jamie was very helpful (like always) and get the cymbal shipped to me in two days for my big gig on Sunday. It sounds great, just what I ordered. Kind've dark and complex, but still with cutting power...
  16. Mitchell?

    Yard Show

    This is the flier we sent out. It's like our fourth gig, and this band is just doing covers. It's gonna be like a yard party, 'cause I live on about 4 acres. I'm really excited, the band has went from complete musician infancy (except for me) to playing Mississippi Queen just as well (if not...
  17. Mitchell?

    Boom Stands

    I'm looking for a boom stand that's around 50-60 bucks, thats sturdy and professional, and with a long boom arm. Advice? :)
  18. Mitchell?

    BOSS DR-670

    Is there a way to use a DR-670 as a module for triggers?
  19. Mitchell?

    Gibraltar Rack For Super Cheap.

    On Musicians Friend's Stupid Deal of the Day they have a curved Gibraltar rack for cheap: Thought I'd throw that out there for anyone looking for a rack... :wink:
  20. Mitchell?

    Quick Acrolite Question

    Anyone know off-hand the lug spacing for an Acrolite?