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    [8MDrummer] - '68 Ludwig

    my '68 ludwigs I re-wrapped them in a green, white, blue, and grey bolwing ball finish spec: 14x20 kick w/ evans emad 8x12 tom w/ evans g2 14x14 floor tom w/ evans g2 5x14 snare w/ evans sd dry not pictured: 12x14 keller shell w/reproduction hardware and same wrap cymbals pictured...
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    r&b/neo-soul band

    please check out my band and let me know what you think thanks
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    8Million Stories tell me what you think!
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    [8MDrummer] - Ludwig

    kind of an odd pic. But I like it. I'll send more later if anyone wants 1968 Ludwig (refinished in 2002) 14x20 Kick 8x12 Tom 12x14 Floor Tom (originally 14x14, I cut it down a bit) 5.5x14 snare