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  1. bunnybunny

    To all multiple kit owners...

    To all you folks that own more than one drumset, I have a question: Do you own more than one COMPLETE drumset, or do have more than one "shell pack"?? That is, do you have a HH stand and BD pedal and cymbals and throne and EVERYTHING for EVERY kit you own, or do you have to pirate parts/items...
  2. bunnybunny

    Paiste Signature Full Crashes

    Hej Guys and Gals! What do you think about the full crashes? I personally love the sound of'em but they're really expensive and I don't know if they're worth the money. Do you know some other crashes similar in sound but cheaper(any brand)? Any feedback appreciated :)
  3. bunnybunny

    What do you like most about playing drums?

    As the title says! What I like most about playing drums is making other people bounce :) I love playing gigs with my band and that's what I drum for :)
  4. bunnybunny

    Do you think we get to use our talent properly?

    When you listen to modern music, do you find that the drummer's part is always a little basic, and never gets a chance to play many chops etc. It seems the most famous songs are basically simple 4/4. Let's talk!
  5. bunnybunny

    What's your favorite groove (from any recording)?

    Hey, Hey. I love grooves. Watching Dennis Chambers, shaking his drum riser with a groove so deep that I swear that the riser started to move across the stage, excites me more than watching a Buddy Rich solo. And I can't answer this question myself or the solo question either because I love them...
  6. bunnybunny


    I'd like to add a cowbell to my set. I don't know what to choose. Please help me :) bunnybunny
  7. bunnybunny

    Cymbal holders - CH70 vs SC-GCA

    Which one do you think is better? Gibraltar SC-GCA? or Pearl CH-70? Any feedback welcome! :) bunnybunny
  8. bunnybunny

    Band names

    Post some cool band names here! Maybe you'll inspire somebody!
  9. bunnybunny

    20" vs 22" bass drum

    Hey everybody. I'd like to know your opinions on 20 and 22 bass drums. Which are more versatile, which are better for rehearsals, gigs, recording, which sound do you like better, etc. Let's discuss!
  10. bunnybunny

    80's hair bands drum kits

    Please post pics of 80s hair bands drum sets. Here are some I have: Lars Nicko Tommy Aldridge Oh, if you don't have any pics, just discuss!:) Cheers
  11. bunnybunny

    Drummer Faces

    Do you often make drummer faces? They are very strange to me. Is there any way I can avoid them and still continue to progress as a drummer? :wink: bunnybunny
  12. bunnybunny

    Hanging floor toms - are they stable?

    I have noticed that on a lot of kits with smaller tom sizes they have a hanging tom rather than a floor tom with legs. I was thinking about getting one, but I don't have a chance to try it near my place. Assuming that you have a good stand and good hardware are these things stable? It just seems...
  13. bunnybunny

    Trick Pro 1-V

    Anybody here have ever tried this pedal? What do you think about it?
  14. bunnybunny

    Drum throne

    Is there any drum throne just as good as Pearl D-2000 or Roc'n'Soc but a bit less expensive? I thought about Mapex T560 throne? What do you think?
  15. bunnybunny

    Cymbal Wish List

    Post your cymbal dreams! Mine: Paiste 2oo2 14 sound edge hihat Paiste 2oo2 16 crash Paiste 2oo2 18 crash Paiste 2oo2 20 crash Paiste Signature Dry Heavy Ride 21 Paiste Traditional Medium Light Swish 20 Paiste Traditional Medium Light Swish 22
  16. bunnybunny

    Great tom suspension systems

    Which suspension system is the best in your opinion? ISS, Optimount, Starcast, RIMS, ISO, YESS or any other. Present your thoughts here:) From your Moderator: This is a topic changed from "Best" to "Great", because there are no bests in the world of drumming. Shalaq
  17. bunnybunny

    Favourite rudiment

    What is your favourite rudiment? I love using flams and paradidles. They're my favourite rudiments:)