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  1. tapeworm97


    wow i havent been here in forever! hey guys i need some help. im a senior and have been looking into what careers i should take. I wanna be a pharmacist, can anyone tell me what kind of pharamacists are out there and whats the difference. also what schools (vocational, technical, university...)...
  2. tapeworm97

    Fabric Drum Wrap

    i wanna put a fabric around my drumset as a wrap. A DML member has a 4 piece drumset (Pearl i believe) with a pink fur wrap around it, i jsut cant remember his name. But can anyone help on where to get some cool fabrics and how to put it on. =]
  3. tapeworm97

    Bonsai Trees

    i am so fascinated with bonsai trees :) i am really thinking in growing my own bonsai tree :D does anybody have a bonsai trees or knows how to grow them?
  4. tapeworm97


    i am thinking in learning how to play a xylophone. does anybody have one?
  5. tapeworm97

    short hi-hat shaft

    i know this is a dumb question since ive been playing drums for over 2 years, but where do some drummers get those short hi hat shafts? like these shafts here ... res060.jpg
  6. tapeworm97

    ghost notes

    i need help on how to play ghost notes more clean and steady, any help?
  7. tapeworm97


    This band is so amazing and i would like to give mad props to these great musicians. This band is on my list of great bands Listen and appreciate :)
  8. tapeworm97

    Can someone do me a favor?

    There is this song i am trying to figure how to play and was wondering if someone could be kind enough to post a video covering the song so i could see how its being played. The hi hats are the main problem of me not getting down the song. its: Let There Be Light by Justice...
  9. tapeworm97

    "chick" sound hats

    wat are good hihats that have a very defenite chick sound to it and able to hear every stroke? i was thinking Zildjian K Custom High Defenition Hats Zildjian K Custom Light Hats
  10. tapeworm97

    Tama Iron Cobras

    i dont play double pedals anymore and i am going back to single pedal. i am selling my Tama Iron Cobra Double Pedals Powerglide. i would perfer a trade over a good single pedal for these, maybe a DW 9000
  11. tapeworm97

    Holiday Drum Gifts

    what kind of drum gift are you hoping for the holidays? i am going to get the Mandala Pad for Xmas and Bday since its close to each other. http://drums-percussion.musiciansfriend ... sku=500380 :wink:
  12. tapeworm97

    just stop by...

    to say hi guys! damn DML has a new look, its pretty sweet. how you guys doing?
  13. tapeworm97

    great but magics over

    DML was so great at first and now its :roll: so im leaving you guys, nice meeting you guys (an exception of one person) so PEACE ON YA and have a nice life :wink:
  14. tapeworm97

    this is why i love electro.

    i love it because of the beats but also cuz you can remix anything as long as it sounds good. like this. :D metallica - enter sandman <object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen"...
  15. tapeworm97

    any good sites

    what sites do you guys go to? im kinda bored and not only that all i go to is drumsmylife and myspace.
  16. tapeworm97

    selling my china and zil bel

    okay ive decided to just sell my cymbals. Zildjian Oriental Trash China 18" and 9.5" Zil Bel. if someone is interested in buyin both tell me
  17. tapeworm97

    Mandala Pads

    im going to buy some Mandala Drum Pads. does anybody own or have tried the Mandala pads?
  18. tapeworm97


    This forum is only for the NFL and the upcoming games and stuff. okay ill start it off, I go for the Cowboys and Eagles, which by the way they are playing head to head next. so im excited. McNabb is such a great reciever, the game with the rams was so sick when he caught it on the 20 yard dash...
  19. tapeworm97

    *WANTED* Alesis DM5 Module

    i am looking for an alesis dm5 drum module. if you have one ill gladly trade it for cymbals. PM me :D
  20. tapeworm97

    I want a toyota pickup so badly!!!!

    i am dying to get a Toyota Pickup from the years 85-99 and that is 4x4. i want one so badly! i have my 91 honda crx but i want to trade it for a toyota pickup! :cry: