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    Beater Question

    I have the pdp boa double pedal which have a felt beater with a plastic core. the problem is is that the core sticks out about a millimeter or so farther than the felt, so im practically just using a hard plastic beater, which is damaging my bass head quite easily. i was wondering if any of...
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    Broken 2-ply Bass Head Question

    ok so i broke through the first ply in one spot on my 2-ply head and i was wondering if there was any way to repair it, or if i could take off the broken ply completely and just use it as a one ply head?? the head doesnt sound all that broken, just my beater gets stuck in the rip sometimes. i...
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    Looking for a good 1up 2down set

    Originally i was interested in the mapex pro m because i want a maple set and there were many configurations to the pro m (including 1 up 2 down). But now that the pro m has been replaced by the meridian maple, it does not come in the configuration i was looking for. Does anyone know of any...
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    Just found a pretty good deal here on some dw's ... dZViewItem im not looking to buy so dont let that stop you from getting this good deal
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    percussion instruments

    anyone know of any percussion instruments that you hit with a stick that sound like claves? i really like the sound of them and would want something like that to hit with a stick to use while on a drum set any suggestions?
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    M Birch or Pro M

    which do you like better??? i like the attack of the m birch after watching some vids of it, but can you really beat the sound of pure maple when it comes to wooden shells??? take your pick m birch (birch inner plies with an exterior maple ply) or pro m (all maple)?
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    Thank God for the 21st Century

    i have to read The Scarlet Letter and Lord of the Flies and write two essays for AP Lit when school starts back up and i started to read the first page of the scarlet letter and i wanted to kill myself, so as a solution i downloaded the audio books for both of those books so im not torturing...
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    Drum magazines

    quick question here, i want to subscribe to a drum magazine, but i do not know which one. So i would like some insight on which one is your favorite and why Thanks!!
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    Everyone knows that the strong bad emails are the best thing on the website. What's your favorite sb email? Mine would probably be the one where he gives strong sad caffeine
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    The Yellow Drum Machine wtf???

    <object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value=""></param><embed src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="425" height="344"></embed></object> this is pretty neat. its goal in life.... to...
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    Problem with rolls on a set

    i've been playing drums for several years in and im what you would say "musically educated" because i know those rudiments and everything but the only problem i have is fast rolls on the drum set. im completely fine standing and when the drum is on a stand, but once im sitting i can't get out...
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    Can't Go to DRT :/

    sorry guys, too many grad party's goin on that weekend that i gotta go to to say g'bye to my friends. have fun y'all!!
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    Got My New Saludas

    They just came in today and they're very nice. Bright and very cutting. The only problem is that I noticed the tilt adjuster on my hi hat stand is missing, but is like broken so the bottom hat stay very angled, so I need a new hat stand (it was kinda shitty anyway). I'll post pictures when I...
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    evans g2 coated head pack

    I really need new heads seeing that I still have my stock heads on for about 2 years with tape and cardboard to dampen them and I'm looking at the Evans g2 coated but I can't find a pack of them for the size I need: 14" snare 12 and 16 inch toms If anyone finds a pack with those sizes let me...
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    Hand Surgery, from drumming

    Aaron Gillespie getting hand surgery after a blister goes bad. Enjoy, but don't loose your lunch! <embed src="" width="400" height="330" type="application/x-shockwave-flash"...
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    Looking to Buy Double Bass Pedal

    If anyone is looking to get ride of their double bass pedal let me know. I really want to get one but I don't have $350 to blow off. I don't really care how used it is as long as it is in good and usable condition. Let me know what you have and your price Thanks!
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    Christopher Tsagakis

    he's a freaking amazing drummer. Plays for the band RX Bandits which is like ska/progressive rock, really good stuff. He also plays drums for the experimental group The Sound of Animals Fighting. Ya'll should definitely check Rx Bandits out, they're good
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    The king of blues

    I just came back from a B B king concert I'm a city like 10 miles from where I live called Utica New York. It was simply awesome. I'm speechless.......
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    Mist X hats

    im looking at the different 14" mistx hats options and i was wondering whats the difference in sound between the following types: medium Rock medium rippled heavy thin thanks
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    Questions on Customizing

    Im very new to Saluda and also the whole being able to customize everything so I want the bottom line. What customizations do what with the sounds??