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    Taye Drums

    Im thinking about selling my kit and buying a Taye kit, so I was wondering what people thought of Taye kits.
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    Decrease in skill.

    I've been playing drums for almost 14 years now, and lately I've been kind of off with my playing. Things like I'm not as fast now as I was like 5 months ago, with my hands and double bass, if anyone knows any way that i could get my groove back, please let me know.
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    My DW Pacific Kit

    It's not the best pic of my set, it's also rather old, heres the specs for that one. DW Pacific EZ Kit: 10"Tama Rack Tom 12"Rack Tom 14"Rack Tom 16"Floor Tom 16"Rogers Floor Tom 5.5"x14"Ludwig Snare 22"x18"Kick Drum Cymbals: Sabian: 8"B8 Splash 14"B8 Crash 15"B8 Crash 2 16"B8 Crash's 18"B8...
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    Far From Over My band Far From Over