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    Uki - melodical music

    hello partners, this is my first creation, just wanted to share as a drummer composer. everything else was played with my casio keyboard so it has that low cuality touch but i still like it. being able to play keyboard took me a lot of effort but it was fun...
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    big question on Drum Rack Pearl DR-503 !!!

    hello drum friends, recently i bought a Drum Rack Pearl dr-503 , it arrived in one large box, sealed by Pearl the problem is that two of the four vertical bars are missing!! i contacted the music store, and they realized that all their Pearl DR-503 boxes have two vertical bars missing, the...
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    Axis A Longboards REVIEW, closer look

    hi everyone a Week ago, i bought a pair of Axis A-L-CB Pedals, they are just awesome the feeling is incredible and i wanted to share how they actually are giving a closer look and a review of its characteristics. Enjoy VIDEO REVIEW: <object width="425" height="355"><param name="movie"...
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    Searching for a instrumental song without knowing NAME!!!

    guys have you ever been through this?? i just cant find a damn song!!! i have been 2 hours searching for an instrumental song much like the style of Steve Jablonsky themes (the guy who did "The Island" and "Transformers" themes), just a bit more "electronic beat" where you hear a voice of a...
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    the Black Tide!

    this is my drum kit i wanted to share an image i use most of the time for practising/recording and when i can i also put it on shows where i know is not gonna get broken :D its growing slowly but never getting small, its an omega basic kit upgraded a lot, better drumheads, more pedestals...
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    hi, im planning to buy a pair of axis A Longboards single "classic black" after invesitgating myself, the only online shops i found that had classic black version where and my questions are: 1)which store do you recommend?? (maybe another online drum...