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  1. NocturnalDrum

    NAMM 2010

    Whos going? Anything you guys looking forward too? Can't wait! Any cool stories or experiences from previous years? How bout tips for a first timer?
  2. NocturnalDrum

    Just a thought...

    I been playing for ten years, every time I play a show I always get compliments....but the one that seems to stand out the most is when people compliment the sound of my kit. Granted some places are devoid of decent PA's, but my kit always sounds great. I always take the time to properly tune...
  3. NocturnalDrum

    Thinking of trading my Axis for BOA Pedals.

    Thinking of trading my longboards for BOA Pedals...anyone have any experience with the BOA's? Marco Minneman uses them and they seem pretty legit. <object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen"...
  4. NocturnalDrum

    Drum Videos on Youtube

    Anyone have any? I'm thinking of doing a few covers, any tips on using a laptop for recording?
  5. NocturnalDrum

    Relationships and Drumming...

    I think this applies to anyone with a passion in music, but I'm seeking solice within my fellow drummers :) Ended a three year relationship with my girl, when I started the relationship she was aware of my drumming and how much it means to me. At first she was cool with it and was supportive...
  6. NocturnalDrum

    Tall drummers...small kits.

    I worked at a custom drum shop in Orange County *cough, and had an issue with a certain kit we made. The client was happy with the final result but to me it looked rather odd. He is 6'5' and his measurements were as follows...8", 10", 14", 18". He looked like he was playing a child's kit, but I...
  7. NocturnalDrum

    WANTED: crash cymbals!

    I'll buy em at $100 or less....tell me what you got! Or trade cymbals for a Pearl Icon 3 sided rack with 4 clamps.
  8. NocturnalDrum

    Wanted: Acrylic shells!!

    I need a 22' or 20' Bass drum. I also need 16' any depth for both. Cut or uncut doesnt matter.
  9. NocturnalDrum

    Pearl MasterCast Black Diecast Hoops 14", 10 OCDP new lugs!

    These are nickel/black pearl die cast hoops 10 hole ($65 for pair obo.) Also for sale 10 black gloss OCDP new sharktooth style lugs w/inserts and plastic grommets to protect drum finish.( $50 obo.) I'll have pics of them later but they are identical to the one on the snare I posted here. Took...
  10. NocturnalDrum

    Cymbal prices way out of hand....

    Last year I bought a new Z custom Zildjian Rock Crash for about 179.99 plus tax at GC. Went in yesterday and found the same cymbal to be 239.99. WTF!!! I know the economy is bad but come on this is ridiculous. Musicians are poor as it is (unless your in the 2% of working drummers who live off...
  11. NocturnalDrum

    Looking for Midnight Fade 8x8 or 13' Pearl tom!

    Masters or any other type...prefer black hardware.
  12. NocturnalDrum

    Most Overrated and Underrated drummer

    There a ton of drummers who don't get the cred they deserve, in ANY genre. Personally one of the most underated drummers that unfortunatly has passed on is Vitek from the band Decapitation. That guy has some badass groves and his precision was godlike. R.I.P. Nick Barker ex. Dimmu is another...
  13. NocturnalDrum

    WANTED: 8" tom Pearl Midnight Fade

    ELX MMX or Masters doesnt hardware is a plus! Give me your price and shipping to Los Angeles.
  14. NocturnalDrum

    My New Snare!

    My Baby...The "Louie" <img src="">
  15. NocturnalDrum


    Melodic Death Metal Tell me what you think! :wink:
  16. NocturnalDrum

    Compressor for it necessary?

    Someone suggested to add a compressor or an equalizer to my DM5 for better sound....I'm not too savvy with this but is this a good thing to do? Is it even necessary?
  17. NocturnalDrum

    Tips for triggering snare w/DM5?

    SO I pretty much mastered triggering my bass now I'm triggering my snare using a Roland TD-7 acoustic snare trigger and the DM5 module but I'm having trouble with the settings. I get alot of double triggering......can anyone suggest good sensitivity settings for the dm5?
  18. NocturnalDrum

    Acrylic Shells

    I'm halfway done building my own acrylic kit....heres the stats. 6.5x14 20 ply thickness clear acrylic snare w/ 2 in vents 10x12 Rack tom Sharktooth chrome lugs and chrome hoops. I started because I was given two RCI shells as collateral so i did some research and started making a kit, now I...
  19. NocturnalDrum

    Yamaha Flying Dragons Dbl Pedal Direct Drive $150

    A year old, excellent condition. Direct drive. I'll ship in the US, pay with money order or Paypal. Better yet if your in the LA area pick-up. <img src="">
  20. NocturnalDrum

    My Purple Pearl Masters

    Here is a pic of my second kit..... I worked at OCDP for two years and I got this head to match the kit, it wasn't an OCDP kit but the front head was killer. Pearl Hardware. <img src=""> Here is my current...