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  1. Touche


    I just got some moongels for my drumheads....what a difference they make, my drumset sounds alot better now. Worth the 10 dollars
  2. Touche

    Drumming terms

    can someone explain to me what some of the drum techniques mean..... such as chops
  3. Touche

    This is how to play drums ... re=related
  4. Touche

    Pulse Double Bass Pedal

    Has anyone tried a Pulse Double kick Pedal? It looks kinda cheap....I was thinking about buying one, wonderin if it is good or if i should save up and get something better
  5. Touche

    My new kit

    I'm kinda new at drums..Tama Imperialstar with ZBT's. Sorry about the lame ass wallpaper/carpet. Hard to look at lol LOL@cat [/img]
  6. Touche


    Hello, im new :lol: lol