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    Anybody like Stagg Cymbals???

    hey i was wondering what you guys think about stagg cymbals. I have 2 crashes and a splash (brilliant series) made by them and i think they sound really nice and have lasted really well, i dont think they get much recognition am i the only one that thinks they're any good
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    Electronic Drum Kits

    hey guys. i was wondering what everyone thinks about electric drums i have a yamaha DTXplorer, was cool at first but just doesnt really perform like id like. ive tried some of the top range roland kits n i thought they were okay. i feel that theres not really much point getting one unless your...
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    JoJo Mayer & Nerve

    Hey, i heard some of jojo's stuff with his band nerve on the internet but i havent heard of any albums or anything to buy, anybody know if they've released anything yet?? check it out at ... F1DF1F.htm He has got to be one of my fave drummers. bloody...
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    Blue Man Group Drummers

    What do you guys think of the drumming from Blue Man Group? Im a big fan myself, i think the drumming's awesome, especially the drummers on kit. If you havent heard them i reccomend listening to some.