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    Bearing edge

    whilst putting a new head on my 13" tom i noticed on the bearing edge that there was a little hole about 3mm accross, i have had the drums since christmass but withouth the O-ring on the head the tom always sounded flappy, which i thought was due to the garage and it's piss poor acoustics...
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    Difference between the old and new iron cobra power glide

    Hey, has anyone one tried both the old iron cobra and the new ones that tama have released? just wondering if there is any difference wih good and bad points! cheers!
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    What happened to that " you know your a drummer when&qu

    i can't find it with or without the search feature! anyone? cheers!
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    Can anyone attempt to work out what Taylor Hawkins is doing?

    in this solo! would be pretty cool to attempt it but it's too fast for me to work out anything! cheers
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    Is it possible to make a 13" X 11" tom into a 13&q

    or smaller? just wondering as i would prefer to have my 13" a little shorter so i can have it over my bass drum without being at like a 50 degree angle! i wouldn't do it myself but as i have very little experiance with carpentry and woodwork! also what's the + and - points of having a deep...
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    Snare response and pitch

    G'day! i was wondering if it's possible to get a deep pitch with a fat crack aswell as having the the head very taught to give quite a big rebound! I'm quite a rookie when it comes to tuning drums but i do use a guide that someone posted link to from here! the acoustics in my garage don't...
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    Help! from Drummers in England needed!

    i got a letter of complaint about the noise level of my drums today, i would imagine the main problem is my 24 kick but with no money as i am still paying it off i can't soundproof my garage any more at the moment, but i was wondering if there is any legislation or rules saying you are allowed...
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    good music to drum along to and also counting bars

    Hey just wondering what bands/songs you like to drum along to? At the moment i mostly stick with Queens of the Stone Age specificly the songs Dave Grohl did and Foo Fighters as they are my faverite band of all time Also how do you count the beats in a song? i find that with songs like a song...
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    reaching the 18" floor tom

    Hey just have a question with my set i have two floor toms, a 16" and an 18" Ath the moment i play with the 13" and 18" and leave the 16 out because it seems to hard to reach round to the 18 then straight back to the snare anyone else have this problem? how did you overcome it? was it just...
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    What's your opinion on Evans hydrolics?

    im looking for deep, fat sounding tom heads and i have seen those and the specs sound pretty nifty also what about emperor X's for remo, ut they don't seem to go up to 18" which is what i need for my 13",16" and 18" toms
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    Base drum vibrating too much

    hey, so i finally unpacked my kit today, set it all up and it sounds beutifull! the only thing is when i use the kick the skinvibrates to much making the pedal do the same which makes a vibrating sound, it is an undrilled mapex pro M 24" kick with one small hole at the top for the excess air to...
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    Sound Proofing a garage???

    hey, my kit is arriving on monday and i am trying to find out a cheap and effective way of dampening the sound exiting the garage, now my biggest problem is going tobe the up and over metel garage door so i need help with that and also the rest, The garage is detached from the main house itself...
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    No one knows by queens of the stone age

    i was just wondering what Dave does on the third fill in the chorus i just can't seem to clock it, it sounds like really fast flamming on the snares and toms but the live videos i have seen don't really show it that well anyone know?? thanks
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    Triplety fill..

    i just had a lesson last week where my teacher showed me this fill that was in triplets and i was wondering how you find this particular one it sounds awesome but is a right basterd to keep right, but i should be able to improve as i am finally getting my own kit. anyhew this is kind of how it...
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    How do you stop yourself getting blisters from..

    using stick wrap as i use it on my sticks for better control and to stop them flying away but i always seem to knacker my hands and get blisters on my fingers! really annoying, any tips? Thanks
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    increasing base foot endurance and speed?

    hey i'm new here, been learning to play drums for about 6 months and i don't have my own kit just a practice pad andi am wondering about techniques to increase endurance and speed? Also with my mummy daddy roles they need some improvement do i just keep practicing them or is there a special...