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  1. Javi

    A couple of drumvids (criticism is welcome)

    Me playing a song with a friend. ... re=channel And some random jamming (plus retarded stuff) ... re=channel Any thoughts/comments/criticism is highly welcomed!!
  2. Javi

    Sweet groove.

    Sweet groove I found while browsing youtube, enjoy!
  3. Javi

    Playing my new saludas.

    Just me randomly jamming to show them off. This is also my first drumvid so don't rip me apart xD I've been playing for 2 1/2 years, I'm also aware of the pinkie problem and I'm working on it. So yeah, enjoy, thoughts, opinions and criticism are highly recommended ;D...
  4. Javi

    Johnny Rabb After the 5 minute mark, hot damn! Any fans here?