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  1. Assback

    This is what So Cal backyard scenes all about

    kids playing for kids, getting fucked up around masses of people for 2 or 3 dollars =) This one's from Rialto, CA
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    Drumming confessions

    its time to confess to drumming wrongs ladies and gents ...and I confess, that I've been using a borrowed 18" crash on a cymbal stand with NO protection from metal on metal contact =P
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    Any Minutemen fans in the house?

    The punk band, not the crazy border vigalanties. jaja. Anyways, I been really listening to these guys the last few months and damn, they're absolutely PHENOMENAL! One of the best bands I've EVER heard and the drummer is a beast. So's the bass player. And the guitarist. jaja. I mean wow, half...
  4. Assback

    Playing at a house show! DML could use a little punk =D

    Just playing a house show. Videos a little out of synch and for some reason the camera didnt pick up the double strokes from the bass drum but here you go. Lemme know what you guys think.
  5. Assback

    the gigging drummer vs the stay at home drummer

    -the gigging drummer's drum set is always dirtier than the stay at home drummer -the gigging drummer's set up is constantly getting bigger or smaller depending on how lazy he/she was feeling that day -the stay at home drummer bores his friends with stories of how "it should be him playing" on...
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    ahhhh =( >=(

    played a gig on Saturday and forgot my cymbal bag there :x thankful that I didnt forget anything more expensive and important (like a floor tom or an amp) but FUCK... :evil: contacted the band that hit us up for the gig and they're contacting the people who live at the house we played...
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    Dragonball: Evolution

    Seriously, I cant hold it back anymore. have you heard of this? Who okayed this? It's gonna be such a peice of crap. I'm seriously so bummed about this. Dragonball has to be the greatest action series...ever. and now this movies coming out and it totally messed up everything. ...dragonball had...
  8. Assback

    Internet Commentor Board Meeting

    haha, this was pretty freaking funny
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    Drum rack owners...

    about how long's it take you took set up ur set using the rack? this applies esp. to those who use memory locks and don't move your clamps
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    3 gigs in the next few weeks

    the new year started off slow but people are finally starting to throw gigs and we got the hit up for 3 and a 4th is on the way (we got multiple offers for the same day so we'll see who we play for) Check it out if you So Cal residents
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    Andrew Martinez of Nekromantix

    Andrew Martinez, drummer for psychobilly bands Nekromantix and the Rocketz , died in a car crash this morning in Fullerton, CA saw him and Nekro, December of 2006 at the Glasshous in Pomona. Did a tasty little solo. Only time I've ever pitted for a drum solo. Sorry to hear he passed.
  12. Assback

    "hairstyles of the damned" by joe meno

    re-reading one of my high school favorites. Thought I'd suggest it as reading material for anyone out there looking for a real good book. Especially for the youngsters. Book about a high school kid who lives on the south side of Chicago. A heavy metal kid with a best friend named Gretchen, a...
  13. Assback

    Pete Best...

    man, what do you suppose it's like to be him?
  14. Assback

    Brushing you're teeth with your indominant hand

    I heard brushing your teeth with your indominant hand was good for developing coordination. I been doing it a few months and I feel that it has improved my drumming. Not too much but every little bit helps Just thought I'd pass the information along :mrgreen:
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    sooner or later, I'ma get her
  16. Assback

    I need info on YAMAHA STAGE CUSTOMS

    I'm helping a hommie buy his first kit and we found a 4 peice (12, 14, 16, 20) Yamaha Stage Custom for $150. This is the pic in the add: Now, it looks like a quality kit. I'd imagine people would want more than that for it. From what I understand it's birch and basswood. tells me they...
  17. Assback

    My band's page got 100 listens today!!!!!!

    haha, it might not be that big a deal for some, but that shit's freaking grand for me! Feels good to know that people are actually checking you out! Took us 3 years, but i feel like we're starting to get shit going for ourselves. :mrgreen:
  18. Assback

    Favorite mounts

    so what's everyone's favorite mounting system? mine is definately the Tama Star-cast mounts. i love the way they look (the black bars, not the chrome) and i love the way they let the toms resonate. not to mention the adjustability. you can get ANY angle you want with em. also, you can remove...
  19. Assback

    For all you beggining drummers looking to diversity

    video says "32 Flavors of Punk" but we all know you can use anything for anything watched this and just thought I could have used this when i first started playing <object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie"...
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    Fuzzy's HANNAH GIG Diary

    Read if you care. Just the highlights of the gigs I play. More for me than anybody. I been playing drums for HannaH since 2005. We're a Rancho Cucamonga, CA punk band. You can add us at This us us: 1. Sat. November 1 in...