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    For all you dream theater and mike portnoy fans...

    No drumming here, but the main man is in the video... Only problem is the song sounds a bit like muse, and there was a song on Octavarium that sounded like Muse....god I hate Muse! <object width="425" height="350"><param name="movie" value=""></param><embed...
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    My band from Northern Ireland! - The Sneaky Hilters

    perental advisary, expicit conent!!! just a live studio recording, not great, no click or anything, bare that in mind! working on a few new tracks to add to a 4 track professionally recorded ep. First 2 songs are the best, but drums take a wee while to come in. Other 2 im not happy with for...
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    Ahead Snare Drum

    Has anyone got one or played one?? I bought mine last summer and I love gets so much compliments aswell. At my last gig the soundman said its the best snare he has heard!! got the 14" x 6" Stuck on a Remo Powerstoke III Weatherking skin and added moon gel. Just wanted to tell...
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    My practice kit - could it be triggered?

    I bought a practice kit sop I could play at anytime of the day. It is jsut rubber pads. How does teh triggereing work exacly, could I buy triggers with teh otehr hardware, and plug it up to my pc (if i wish) Sorry for the dossy question