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    hearing protection

    I have been looking into different brands of ear plugs for practice and live shows, I don't want isolation headphones because i move way too much for them to stay on unless I'm recording. I know the custom molded ones are the way to go but i cannot afford it. I've been looking into Hearos High...
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    Federation of Drums and Percussion

    This is a very good organization I have come across. I just thought I'd share it with all u other drummers. the website is and membership is free. They have drumming tips, recording tips, proper stick holding techniques, drum insurance, and just about everything else a drummer...
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    Advice on Ride Cymbals

    I play a lot of death metal but we combine it with more progressive metal. Similar to that of Opeth. I was curious which type of ride would allow for the best recording and best live. I am only 16, have little cash flow and cannot afford buying several rides so I am looking for something to...