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    Mapex Snare broken lugs!

    Im hoping some one can help me i have a mapex snare it has diecast hoops and is 14 x 8 its a brass master?? i think its late 1980's i have had it about a year and all of a sudden its breaking lugs.! Where the screw goes into the lug its shears off its broke 3 i have tried to tighten them but but...
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    Bass drum rebound

    Ok guys im Having problems getting enough rebound from my bass head i like my head tight and my pedals lose,I have just got a tama superstar. It has an evens emad head on it and i have half filled it with blankets would this kill the rebound? I havent cut a port hole in the front head yet so...
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    I have recently joined a new band old school metal type stuff. And have some songs to put drums too just wondering what you guys do for inspiration?? Any tips not played much for the last couple of years and struggling with writers block lol.
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    Yamaha dtxplorer sounds

    Just woundered if you can up load sounds on to the dtxplorer?. Also is it easy to program your ownsounds? What does the bass drum pad feel like for double pedal work? Sorry for all the questions been offered one at a great price. simon
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    Whats best for metal/heavy rock?

    Im playing a pearl masters maple sizes are 22" 12" 14" and 14" snare Im a hard hitter Whats heads will be durable and easy to tune? I have always used pinstripes but sick of them now. cheers simon
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    Stagg sticks any good

    Im thinking of trying 7a's instead of 5a's i play progressive metal does anyone else use 7a's? also what are stagg's sticks like? cheers simon p.s always used vik firth
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    Stacks advice

    Has anyone made up there own stacks? been looking them up what size and make cymbals do you use? I play progressive metal. Cheers simon
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    pearl masters custom

    Just got my self a good deal on a masters custom some people have said remo ambassador heads sound great on them i play progressive metal what can you recommend? cheers