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  1. McSleeps

    My Tama Superstar with updated pics after a year!

    We'll it's been way too long since I've been on this forum, and it's been almost a year since I last posted pics of my kit. Here's a link to my old set-up the day that I got the Superstar Since then I've added 2...
  2. McSleeps

    My new Tama Superstar

    Heres my new tama superstar in custom ocean fade. I sold my old premier xpk and hardware, and after buying all new hardware and the kit, I've only spent $650 (canadian). I also have 8" and 16" toms on order in the same finish, and that will probably take another 6 months to get here from china...
  3. McSleeps

    Neil Peart kicked my ass!

    Holy crap I saw Rush the other night here in Ottawa, and the show was just amazing! The sound was the best I've ever heard, the lights were crazy, everthing was just perfect! And of course Neil was soooo solid the entire night, with a ass kicking drum solo that was different from all his other...
  4. McSleeps

    the Vanzealands!

    Here's our band The Vanzealands! Were from Ottawa, Canada, we started off playing Iron Maiden covers and now have quite alot of material, all taking great influence from maiden and 80's metal/punk. Check out our myspace -