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    K Logo Tattoo

    Thats right. Next week. Its goin on the right ribcage. A testament to the Ks fabulous craftsmanship and to the best sounding line of cymbals out there. So Stoked
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    Studio X Coated

    How are these for toms? Im lookin for attack and warmth.
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    I Hate

    Scene Kids...thats right hate them...
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    How Deep is too Deep?

    im ordering a custom made kit, and the sizes i sent were 7x12 mounted tom 18x16 floor tom 26x20 kick drum my question 26 inches to deep???
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    Lessons or Self Taught?

    Everywhere i go and play shows i always get 2 or 3 people who ask me where i took lessons reply...."I'm Self Taught" thus follows gasps and weird faces...all of a sudden I'm less of a drummer cause I've never taken a lesson in my life...but have no problem keeping up with the drummers...
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    24in K Light Ride

    Im thinking of getting one and using it for crashing more than riding...i love big rides any suggestions and or advice?
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    Meinl Cymbal Users!!!

    Im doin a complete change of all my cymbals... ive been using sabian Vaults and ive loved them since day one... unfortunately im an extremly heavy hitter and aggressive on my drums during live shows...this has made me realize that i need some heavier cymbals... ive always love Meinl...
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    How Deep is too Deep?

    How Deep is too deep for a kick? Any thoughts? ZaQ
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    Custom Color

    Whats up everybody... i recenlty got endorsed by Indie-Made Drums here in seattle and im startin to orginize and design my custom pretty much settled for white on give it that classic clean look...any comments and or ideas would be great! ZaQ
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    Promark 5A Naturals

    Are amazing...who else Loves the Naturals?
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    -Less Is More-

    Whats up to all my brothers in the drummin world! Long story short... I used to be a simple jazz drummer...ive been seriously drumming for about 8 to 9 years and ill be turning 20 in september... jazz set up was was tiny... a kick drum...2 toms...hi hats...1 crash...1 ride and a...