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    Bass Drum Masking Plate

    Hey i was wondering if anyone knows if Tama makes a bass drum masking plate for the tom holder or any company that does make one that will fit a Tama Rockstar.
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    To use a click track or not that is the question.

    Hey guys just wanted to see what the general drumsmylife community's opinion is on click tracks. Now click tracks from what i know have really only been used since the 80's and then became huge in the 90's for editing to where they can pretty much program every little mistake in a take. My...
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    Jose Pasillas III

    Very creative drummer, very good timing, what are yalls opinions?
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    Rush Limbaugh

    Who here wishes Rush Limbaugh would just shut up for once? People like him are the reason our country has as many problems as it does. To me he is being unpatriotic and is a prime example of the stereotypical Rebuplican, which sucks because there are a lot of good Rebuplican people out there...
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    Triggering Practice Pads...Does it work?

    Has anyone hooked up triggers to practice pads to see if there is enough vibration for the trigger to pick up a hit? I have the DW practice pad kit and was thinking of a possible cheaper route to an electronic set so I can play/record in my apartment.