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    Good Kick Beaters

    Im using DW 9002 and the beaters or HEAVEY anyone got any ideas for better beaters? I want something with very little weight or just great beaters.
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    Drumming with Carpal Tunnel

    Hello, my names Wes and I just wanted to ask what does anyone think about this? I have a mild case of Carpal Tunnel I believe, im going to the Doctors soon to get it checked out BUT are there any solutions anyone has? Tips to help the wrists and hands. Does anyone else have Carpal Tunnel and...
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    MY NEW MAPEX KIT!!! I LOVE IT!!! Check it out!!

    I just recently got this kit its a Mapex M Birch in Black Forest Green. The color is amazing and the sounds is awesome as well I LOVE my set. This is my intermediate set when I become even better in about 2-3 years im getting possibly a DW or maybe ill try supporting and underground company or...
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    Selling some of my drum stuff on EBAY - ZXT Titanium + MORE!

    HEY!!! I'm selling some of my drum things, heres what im selling!!! <a href="">NEW, thats right BRAND SPANKING NEW, ZXT Zildjian Titanium 16" Rock Crash Cymbal</a> <a...
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    Hello, ok im buying a new kit, its a Mapex not sure if I want the <A HREF="">M Birch</A> or the <A...
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    What do you think about SPAUN!!! CHECK THIS KIT OUT!!!

    I WANT THIS KIT SSSSOOOOOO BADLY!!! Anyone else think this kit AND its color is BAD A$$!?!?!?!?!?
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    I havent bought it yet, but ive played it at this in town shop, the kick drums sound amazing, he had remo pinstripes on top and ambassadors on bottom, great sound for $780!!!!
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    DW 9902 Pedal question!!!! + Best head Combo ????'s

    Hello, I am buying a ddrum Diablo Death Punx set here in a little while with TWO bass drums, its an awesome set. But I was wondering if the DW 9002 double can be converted into TWO single pedals... it looks like it can. Anyone please HELP!!! I am getting $2000 here soon for selling some stuff...