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    Listen to my radio show!! 11 am - 1 pm 11 am - 1 pm Debut of my radio show "The Dark Kingdom" (Working Title) A mix of old rock new rock , Softer to heavier rock variety and discussion of topics. Tune in!!
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    WANTED: SKB 24x18, 14x6.5 cases

    i have a mint wolf pack gig bag which goes for 120 ill trade that and about 80 bucks for a 24 inch skb bass drum case and a 14 x 6.5" snare case ill buy for 65 both traded is O.B.O. anyway
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    What stick do you play?

    If you could only play one type of stick one model for the rest of your career what would it be? for me its without a down Pro-mark American Hickory 7A super fast super comfortable and have great durablity compares to other 7As ive played from vater and vic firth.
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    I can't belive it

    I went to guitar center the other day and OMG they actually stocked sabian hand hammered. not hhx but actual hand hammered traditional dark the big boys of sabian. not only that but they had 14 inch hand hammered bright hi hats for just 300 and if they still have them for black friday theyre...
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    New Pearl Masters MCX

    <br> Is now: Drums Pearl Masters MCX 100% Maple Bass Drum 24"x18" Pearl Masters MCX 100% Maple Rack Tom 13"x9" Pearl Masters MCX 100% Maple Floor Tom 16"x16" Tama Artwood Custom Maple Snare Drum 14"x6.5" Cymbals Sabian B8 13" Hi-Hats Sabian B8 16" Thin Crash Sabian AA 21" Rock Ride...
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    Pearl Masters

    I just bought a Pearl Masters MCX 3 piece kit (pictures soon to come) 24 inch kick 13 and 16 inch tom to go with my tama artwood custom snare. I bought it as a spur of the moment purchase when i saw a 1500 dollar kit on sale for 800 i had to have it so i bought it but i know almost nothing...
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    How often do you guys get the chance to...

    Use your own full kit at gigs sorry for the cut title ran out of room but i was wondering pretty soon ill be getting a check for about 1000 dollars and i was thinking wether i should get a PDP 805 series kit or a few Sabian HHs maybe even the pack. My band wont be recording for a little while...
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    Iron cobra power glide doubles

    why is it that the new models of them are 380 when i got mine for 300 ?
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    First Gig with the band progressive metal band out of brooklyn nyc anyone in the area interested in seeing them im me at phantomoftime19 (aim) EP is out soon so stay tuned and always input on my drumming is welcome