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    Riot Instinct

    Here's my other band for you. Again I produced these recordings. This is my 4th production and again I have learned a lot and I'm very sure I made a few mistakes. But again better as the last time. btw we decided to keep the feedbacks, makes the sound more raw... :twisted: For your convenience...
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    metal? **NWS**

    NWS for language. <object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><embed src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash"...
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    Ernie and Bert

    probably a repost too, but just too funny ..
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    4 New Songs on myspace... I recorded 4 of our songs. Well another project to learn from and to make mistakes in and to go forward with. Better sound as last time! :D trstn
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    Searching for a Sennheiser e906

    Probably somebody has this mic flying around and likes to sell it to me for 110 Eus? :D A fine mic for guitars and also nice on drums .. I have 1 and I need a second one. I have put it into the vent its quite alright but it lacks a lot of low end. Well subkick is doing that. I'll will try it...
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    Newest Music Acquisition

    There have been a lot oft topics with the question what style of music one is listening to or is playing. That a little general I think so why not a little thread with new CD acquisitions, one can see names not only "rock" or "metal" or "jazz" ... We all agree there's a lot of Rock or Metal or...
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    Back in the USA

    I'm in the states next week ;) running around in San Jose, CA. Well not running .. but getting a training at my companies facility there. I have been in Phoenix in January this year. Next time I'll organize myself a little more time to have a beer with you guys :D ok dunno .. but this is...
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    strong crash cymbals

    Both my PST 5 crashes 17" and 19" cracked within a week .. :shock: that was a bad evening. What cymbals would you guys recommend which may survive a tank rolling over them? Or should just live with it that crash cymbals crack every 1 to 1.5 years? Damned I thought I was careful... trstn
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    {trstn} Here is my Trick

    I will measure the sizes and add them.. 22" kick 10" 12" 14" 16" toms 12" Trick snare which I bought 5 years before the whole set. 17" and 19" Paiste pst5 20" Istanbul Alchemy raw ride (broken! *sob*) 14" Istanbul Alchemy HiHat 18" Stagg China / LP IceBell DW stands and pedals Yamaha Hihat...
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    Drummers on IRC

    Does sombody know a # / IRC network where drummers reside? btw I'm sitting on #drums allday (since 5 min ago hehe :) ) mind the time differences .. :D trstn
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    cymbals making

    In case you never saw this kind of vid, I found it quite interesting. look close at the end, damned .. that's a stock .. some more cymbal making vids? trstn
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    Beginner set

    Hey, my brother found this really cool and shiny beginner set. Damned I'd liked to have one of those in the past.
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    Never Dull and such

    Because my other hobby is driving motorbikes I own quite a selection of cleaning stuff and such. I've tried "Never Dull" on a old cymbal and it worked quite fine. Now before I go and buy another cleaning product for cymbals I'd like to ask if anybody has any expieriences with this kind of...