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    This is for drum instructors only!!!!!

    ok, so i started teaching recently. I have 5 students in about 2 months but I really want to be able to do this full time, so I would need at least 20 students weekly. I want to know what everyone charges and what city and state you live in. That way I know if i am overcharging or...
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    maple vs. birch

    ok, so I am about to order a new dw kit, I just cant decide between birch and maple. I have used maple for years and I love it but is birch better? what is the main difference? I am a rocker by trade and that is not changing but I just wanna be sure before I order them, thanks
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    best double pedal on the market?

    everyone have fun. I just got the dw 9000, I love it but I won't lie that I have liked the axis models as well. lets see what everyone says.
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    comments on a 26" bass drum

    i am about to order a 26" bass drum with my new kit. I have never owned or played one though, just my ferrari syndrome i guess. I have played a 24". I want to hear anyones comments on a 26" kick, praises, complaints, etc.... just from people who have played one or own or have owned one. thanks